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Thompson M1A1 Full-Metal Body AEG airsoft gun is a recommended example of a historic model of the old epoch, which we can recognize from mafia skirmish and old movies. 

This Tommy gun represents the “Guns of History” collection that you will probably find interesting and worth having at home. Let’s go around the main features of this weapon. 


It is an exact 1 to 1 replica of the classic Tommy gun of the same size and weight so that you can surprise your Italian grandfather with a toy from his hot youth.


The design is unique, flawless, retro and just beautiful. Besides, it looks amazing; you can even put it on the wall as a museum art piece. Moreover, it is made of metal and wood, making handling pleasant and natural. 


The body is solid, well assembled and feels good to keep it; no wobble was mentioned while using this gun. You may try to use it physically in a battle, and you’ll see that it is dangerous even without shooting.


Regarding combat parameters, the gun has semi and full automatic states to choose between in different situations. The velocity is 340 FPS which is also quite close to the original Thompson gun. 


And it is practically comfortable for you and a disaster for your opponent. The Thompson airsoft gun sounds great and loud — even louder than most AEG guns. 


Many airsoft gun reviews recommend a good battery for high efficiency and velocity. However, the hop-up of the gun is perfect. 


The accuracy is surprisingly high, and it is one of the best airsoft guns from the classic collection by this parameter. High magazine capacity makes it possible to shoot ammo long in an automatic state. 


The magazines are easy to replace and recharge. However, take care of your BB’s stock as they fly away as quickly as possible. By the way, using 22g BB’s and higher is recommended, as 12g pellets can harm the gun.


As a pleasant addition, there is a 30-day warranty of the manufacturer for material and manufacturing defects. The price is frankly fair for such a gun. 

Thompson gun is highly recommended for players who want to significantly improve shooting and storming skills and step up as an experienced airsoft hardcore player.

Product description:

  • 340 FPS velocity
  • Semi and automatic
  • 20g+ BBs recommended
  • 6 mm calibre
  • 30 days warranty of the manufacturer


  • Incredible classic look
  • Solid metal and wood design
  • High accuracy
  • 1 to 1 replica of Tommy gun


  • Not recommended with 12 g BB’s




Final Thought
So,this is the full review of Thompson M1A1 Full-Metal Body AEG airsoft gun. Hope this will be helpful for all.