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Glock 19 23 32 Review

Glock 19 23 32

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Glock currently makes three compact pistols, with only the caliber used differentiating the models. The popular G19 uses a 9mm, the G23 a .40 S&W, and the G32 a .357 Sig. Of these three pistols, Glock has only updated the G19 to gen 5, the other two will remain gen 4 for the foreseeable future.

Other than caliber and the requisite changes in magazine capacity, these compact pistols share almost all of the same specs—some specs may vary by 1/10 of an inch or ounce, but we figure that is close enough.

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All gen 4 models of these pistols share height and width, but with the remodel of the G19, Glock changed some of its specs.

Length: 7.28 in.

Barrell Length: 4.01 in.

Trigger Pull: about 5.5. lbs.

Weight (unloaded): about 24 oz.

G19 gen 5

The G19 has the advantage of being Glock’s second pistol. It is modeled after the standard sized G17—both pistols use 9mm ammo. Glock introduced the G19 in the late 1980s, when they received a call for smaller, concealable pistol varieties.[1] Shorten the grip and magazine of the G17, and you get the G19. Now thirty years later the G19 has gone through many updates, but is still one of the most popular pistols—for law enforcement, the military, and civilians—that Glock produces.


Why Buy?

We all know that just because something is popular doesn’t mean it is good. However, the G19 gen 5 lives up to the hype. For this updated version of a classic, Glock has entirely revamped the trigger mechanism and removed their most hated item—the finger grooves on the grip. With these changes Glock has created a highly functioning and comfortable to shoot pistol.


Some more features of all G19s include a history of reliability (many users indicate that you can shoot 100,000 rounds through them without a misfire) and a soft shooting experience with little muzzle flip or recoil.






Glock released their G23 compact pistol in the early 1990s in answer to a demand for pistols chambered in .40 S&W. This pistol was modeled on the G19, with the one major difference being magazine capacity. The G19 magazine holds 15 rounds, while the G23 only holds 13 rounds because .40 S&W is a larger caliber bullet.


Why Buy?

The biggest reason to choose the G23 over the G19 is your caliber preference. You will receive the same gun in each instance. However, the G23 will produce more firepower. With that power comes greater difficulties in shooting. Using a large caliber like .40 coupled with a light-framed pistol can increase recoil and muzzle flip, making accuracy more difficult. However, for experienced shooters this will not present a problem.



Glock introduced the G32 in gen 2 along with the G23. Again, the frame is exactly the same as the G23 and G19, but the G32 uses .357 Sig ammunition. In the 1990s people, especially police departments, thought that the next big advancement in gun technology would be the .357 Sig. It did not catch on in the same way as its contemporary, the .40 S&W.[2] However, the release of the G32 illustrates Glock’s responding to a demand for .357 compatible guns


Why Buy?

As mentioned above, your decision to go with the G32 instead of the G19 or G23 comes down to your caliber preferences. Keep in mind, that of these three pistols, the recoil on the G32 will be the greatest. Thus, you aim will be hardest to control with the G32.



If you are interested in buying a compact pistol, then we highly recommend a Glock—G19, G23, or G32. In addition to affordability, you will get a pistol backed by Glock’s reputation in durability and reliability, and a compact pistol that is the ultimate in concealability.

Glock 19

 For more information on this Glock we Recommend their website.

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