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HK P30, P30SK, P2000

Heckler and Koch P30, P30SK, P2000

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If you want a good, reliable polymer Heckler & Koch pistol and don’t mind paying a premium for it, then the P30, P30SK, or P2000 may be right for you. Make no mistake about it, with MSRPs hovering around $1000, these are expensive guns. However, for the price you get high-qualities materials and workmanship. Heckler & Koch are a favorite among European police and military forces for a reason. Read on to find out more about these three great models from the German Manufacturer.


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H&K’s P30, P30SK, and P2000

H&K released the P2000 in 2001. It introduced interchangeable backstraps to the pistol market and was designed specifically with police and military users in mind. Knowing their target audience meant that H&K released the P2000 for both 9mm and .40 S&W. Despite being an older model of pistol, H&K’s P2000 has continued to be a best seller for the company.


Because of the success with the polymer-framed P2000, Heckler & Koch released the P30 in 2006. H&K designed the P30 and P30Sk similarly to the P2000 but made a few ergonomic and appearance changes. This pistol is also available with either 9mm x 19 or .40 S&W compatible magazines and has a sub-compact version—the P30SK.


            Models and Specs

The three models of pistol described here feature many similar specs. The P30 and P30SK are essentially the same pistol, with the SK version being a sub-compact. The P30 has a size somewhere between a compact and a full-size pistol. The P2000 is made on a different frame and is smaller than the P30 but larger than the P30SK. We’ve listed all pertinent specs of each model down below.


So that you are aware of all of your options, we have also included the available configurations for the three pistols as listed on Heckler & Koch’s website.



            Caliber: 9mm x 19 and .40 S&W

                                    Length: 7.12 in.

                                    Height: 5.43 in.

                                    Width: 1.37 in.

                                    Barrel Length: 3.85 in.

Sight Radius: 5.84 in.


                        P30SK (sub-compact)

                                    Available with

  • Light LEM DAO and two 10 round magazines
  • DA/SA rear decocking button, and two 10 round magazines
  • DA/SA ambidextrous safety lever, rear decocking button, and two 10 round magazines
  • Light LEM DAO, three 10 round magazines, and night sights
  • DA/SA rear decocking button, three 10 round magazines, and night sights
  • DA/SA ambidextrous safety lever, rear decocking button, three 10 round magazines, and night sights

Caliber: 9mm x 19

                                    Length: 6.42 in.

                                    Height: 4.57 in.

                                    Width: 1.37 in.

                                    Barrel Length: 3.27 in.



            Caliber: 9mm x 19 and .40 S&W

Length: 6.85 in.

Height: 5.07 in.

Width: 1.37 in.

Barrel Length: 3.66 in.

            Sight Radius: 5.55 in.


Heckler & Koch’s P30, P30SK, and P2000 pistols include many of the same excellent features. Here are just some of our top picks for these three models of H&K’s guns.



The P2000 includes interchangeable backstraps—it was actually one of the first pistols on the market to offer this option.[1] In fact, it includes four backstraps instead of the usual three, which helps create the ultimate customizable experience for your grip.


One of the changes H&K made between the P2000 and the P30 models is in the grip. The grip on Heckler & Koch’s P30 and P30SK pistols have been highly touted by reviewers, especially for their improved ergonomics.[2] Some reviewers have even claimed that unlike other guns, the grip on the P30 is “proportioned for people.”[3] As with many of their polymer framed pistols, H&K ships the P30 and P30SK with interchangeable backstraps.



Trigger is one area where the P30, P30SK, and P2000 pistols differ. All three are hammer-fired, but the P2000 is only available in DA/SA while the P30 and P30SK have a SA/DA or DAO trigger option.


If you do not like hammer-fired pistols, then you will likely not like either the P30 series or P2000 trigger. The trigger pull is generally quite heavy out of the box for H&K pistols, and these are no different.[4] However, some reviewers at least indicate that H&K’s trigger is not the worst on the market.[5]


As with aspects of buying a new gun, we recommend trying out the P30, P30SK, or P2000 before you purchase to make sure that it will shot comfortably for you.



Like all Heckler & Koch pistols, the P30, P30SK, and P2000 are very accurate guns. All three have been designed for law-enforcement and self-defense, and so have the accuracy required for those occupations. H&K has especially designed the P30 with improved confirmation to increase your accuracy on the range and in a do-or-die situation.


They include three dot sights made from phosphorescent paint that stand out from the more typical plastic sights used on polymer guns. Phosphorescent sights are still not as good as tritium night sights, but H&K does offer those sights as an option.



Because the trigger on all three H&K models is hammer-fired, there are included manual safety and decocking options, which we have listed above in the specs for each model.


Why Buy?

Why should you buy a Heckler & Koch P30, P30Sk, or P2000? Buy these guns if you want a high quality, durable, and accurate weapon. You should also consider these pistols is you want a gun that has been specifically designed for conceal carrying. Because these pistols have all been intended for police and military use, they are made so that they do not snag on clothing and are light enough to carry comfortably all day.


The final reason to purchase a H&K pistols is if you do not mind the price tag. While they are not the most expensive guns on the market, they are high on the list. Some people just can’t or won’t spend that kind of money on a polymer gun. However, know that when you buy H&K, the stellar features and construction that helps justify the high cost. We recommend checking out a P30, P30SK, or P2000 today.



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