Our Top 5 Shotguns For Young Hunters

We all remember our first hunt with our parents and now it’s time to make some new memories with your children. Hunting season provides an opportunity for some truly unique bonding, you get to enjoy time with your family whilst they also get to learn some valuable life skills, like using shotguns for hunting. If…

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Oldies’But’Goldies – Lucky Must Haves For Your Gun Collection

Any experienced firearm users will let you know that you’ll never own just 1 gun. Whether you need something that fits better, has a different purpose, or shoots a different round, soon enough you’ll have a full-blown gun collection on your hands. We’ve put together some absolute classics that anyone would be lucky to own…

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Our Top 10 Semi-Automatic Rifles

From doomsday preppers to seasoned hunters, we can all appreciate the usefulness of quality semi-automatic rifles. Offering reliability, accuracy, stopping power, and increased magazine capacity, semi-automatics really can do it all. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite semi-automatic rifles offering a range of practical uses, most being very versatile firearms to have in any…

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