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Taurus PT111/PT140

Taurus Millennium G2 Pistol PT111 PT140

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Taurus’ Millennium G2 pistol is designed as a conceal carry weapon (CCW). Its slightly larger size caused by the double magazine means that it works better on your belt than in your pocket. However, it is perfect for back, IWB, or AIWB carrying. The rounded edges on the back end of the gun keep it from printing. It is also extremely light, just 22 ounces unloaded, which makes it ideal for carrying on your person all day.


If you are looking for a concealable and reliable handgun, then the Millennium G2 may be for you.

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Looking for a new sub-compact pistol? Is money a factor in your decision-making process—as it is for most people? While buying a new gun is a very personal experience, if you answered yes to these two questions, then you will want to take a detailed look at the Taurus Millennium G2 semi-automatic pistol.

Taurus Millennium G2 Specifications

Caliber: 9mm Luger OR 40 S&W

Weight: 22 oz. (unloaded)

Barrel Length: 3.2”

Height: 5.1”

Frame: Compact

Width: 1.2”

Length: 6.3”

Action: SA/DA

Front Sight: Fixed

Rear Sight: Adjustable—2 Dots


 Difference between PT-111 and PT-140 Versions

When researching a conceal carry weapon (CCW), the semi-automatic sub-compact market might seem a little crowded and overwhelming. There are a ridiculous number of pistols to choose from, all with different features, materials, and specs. In today’s article we will help you narrow down your purchase options by describing one of the best sub-compact pistols on the market, SIG Sauer’s P938.

When shopping for a Taurus Millennium G2, you will encounter two types; the PT-111 and the PT-140. The major difference is that the PT-111 uses 9mm bullets while PT-140 uses .40 caliber S&W bullets. Because of the larger size of the .40 S&W bullets, the magazine for the PT-140 holds 10. The magazine for the PT-111 holds 12 bullets.


Also, because of the larger bullets in the PT-140, that gun’s recoil tends to be stronger with a larger velocity. This could hamper your aim if you are not familiar shooting that caliber of bullet. Some reviewers have cited discomfort with the PT-140’s stronger recoil, but most have not had a problem.[1]


All the other factors discussed in this review apply to both the PT-111 and PT-140 versions of the Millennium G2. Even the low MSRP of $319.00 applies to both versions. Thus, the choice of 9mm or .40 cal. depends on personal preference.



The Millennium G2

The Millennium G2 premiered in 2013, and was an updated model of the older Millennium Pro. The complete redesign of the early model has yielded an aesthetically pleasing and sub-compact semi-automatic pistol. It comes with two double magazines loaded with either 9mm (the PT-111) or .40 S&W (the PT-140).




Specs for Millennium G2 taken from Taurus USA’s website.



Taurus pt140 silverpoint Diagrams
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The Millennium G2 (both PT-111 and PT-140 models) is an extremely reliable gun. It uses a polymer frame, which stands up to a large amount of wear-and-tear. It also includes a blued steel slide (stainless steel slides are available as an option), which racks smoothly no matter how often you use it. Reviewers indicate that all of the parts fit snuggly together and hold up well even under consistent firing.[1]


Additionally, Taurus offers a very desirable warranty on their guns. Yes, they believe in them that much. The warranty extends for life, and applies to the gun, not the owner. This means that no matter if you are the Millennium G2’s first or twentieth owner, the warranty will still apply.


Millennium G2 Features

The following list is by no means exhaustive, but will indicate some of the best features the Millennium G2 (PT-111 and PT-140 models) has to offer.



The grip is very stippled (it has been described as feeling like rough sandpaper) to allow for a secure handhold. Especially in a high-stress situation, the intense grip can help you keep ahold of your weapon, something that could save your life. One drawback is that the gritty nature of the grip can irritate some hands.


For a small gun, most reviewers indicate that the Millennium G2 fits most sized hands well. You should be able to use a correct grip with the gun. Taurus also includes memory pads for your thumb and trigger finger (when not on the trigger). Especially for novice shooters, these memory pads help to promote trigger discipline, as they remind you where to put these important fingers.



Probably the most controversial aspect of the Millennium G2 is that people tend to either love or hate the trigger. The Millennium G2 is a striker-fired pistol, and has a unique single-to-double action trigger. This means that the pistol normally fires in single-action mode. You use approximately three pounds of force to pull the trigger to the break point, which then needs approximately seven pounds of force to engage. It for some reason you misfire, the second-action mode engages. This allows you to pull the trigger again (now using a consistent seven pounds of force for the whole pull). Repeat strike capabilities in a pistol of this size are rare, a major plus for this pistol.



For a sub-compact pistol, the Millennium G2 is quite accurate at close range. Reviewers note that at about seven to ten yards the range starts to go wonky, but this is to be expected in a pistol of this size.[2] Besides, since Taurus designed the Millennium G2 as a conceal carry weapon (CCW), it is assumed that you will be firing it at close range—”bad breath distance,” if you will.



Taurus includes five safeties with the Millennium G2 (both PT-111 and PT-140 models).


First, a trigger safety doesn’t allow the trigger bar to move until your finger exerts significant pressure (see above for the amount of pressure you must use to press the trigger).


Second, an internal firing pin block keeps the firing pin form the primer unless the trigger is completely depressed.


Third, a standard manual thumb safety is included with the gun. Many people choose not to use the manual safety since they keep the gun for self-defense and don’t want to worry about disengaging the safety before firing. However, for basic carrying—especially for people new to firearms—the manual safety will not present a problem.

Fourth, the PT-111 and PT-140 both include a loaded chamber indicated. When a round is in the chamber a red strip is visible just beyond the ejection port. Chamber indicators have been known to fail, however, so we recommend always manually checking your chamber when you pick up your gun. There is no substitute for knowing 100% if your gun is loaded.


Fifth, and finally, every Taurus gun comes with a Taurus Security System (TSS). In their own words, the TSS “provides instant-ready defense with built-in ability to secure your pistol and make it inoperable at the turn of a key. When the Security System is engaged, the pistol cannot be fired or cocked and the gun’s manual safety cannot be disengaged.”[3] Just make sure that you don’t lose the key.


            Ease of Use

Easily disassembled by pulling two small levers to release the slide. The breakdown is supposedly quite similar to a Glock.[4]


Adjustable rear sights mean that you will always be able to line up your shot. These sights are printed on white dots, so be careful how roughly you clean the Millennium G2 as they could wear off.



Every Millennium G2 comes with a 1-inch Picatinny rail. The rail allows you at add a variety of aftermarket accessories. Light and laser are the most popular options. But you could also add a bayonet if you wanted. The sky’s the limit.



Overall, Taurus has made the Millennium G2 (PT-111 and PT-140 models) extremely reliable and streamlined. The pistol works perfectly for the function it was designed for, i.e. conceal carry. It is light, easy to use, accurate, and durable. The many safety features are a bonus. As is the lifetime guarantee. Finally, the extremely low cost—at least $200-300 less than similar models—make this an extremely desirable semi-automatic pistol. While buying a new firearm is an extremely personal process, we recommend taking a close look at Taurus’ Millennium G2 PT-111 and PT-140.

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