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CZ P07

CZ P07

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In 2014 CZ released their compact, semi-automatic, polymer-framed pistol P-07. The P-07 carries on the tradition of excellence in CZ’s firearms manufacturing, and is an updated version of the CZ P07 Duty. CZ designed the older P07 Duty primarily for police officers who needed a gun that was large enough for duty but could also be concealed well. The New P-07 updates many of the features of the P07 Duty, and makes it smaller. In general, this is a great conceal carry weapon (CCW) that performs well for any type of shooter.

In addition to the pistol itself, buying a P07 will get you two magazines, three adjustable backstraps (small, medium, and large), two regular floorplates for the magazines, a cleaning brush, a cable lock, and a manual. All of these fit into a custom molded hard plastic case.

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Specifications of the CZ P07-Lets dig in

If you are someone who wants to know the specifics of your purchases, here are some of the most important specs for the P-07 from CZ-USA’s website. The specs listed here are the same for both 9mm and .40 S&W models


                        Magazine Type: Double Stack

Grips: Stippled

Trigger Mech: Omega DA/SA

Sights: Fixed Three-Dot

Barrel: Cold Hammer Forged

Barrel Length: 3.75 in.

Weight (unloaded): 27.7 oz.

Overall length: 7.2 in.

Height: 5.3 in.

Width: 1.46 in.


Different Versions

The CZ P-07 pistol comes in two models: 9mm and .40 S&W. The differences between these two version are slight. The double stacked magazine for the 9mm version of the CZ P07 holds 15 rounds, while the double stacked magazine for the .40 S&W version of P07 holds 12 rounds. As with most .40 caliber pistols, the recoil from that model of the P07 will be slightly larger than with the 9mm variety. However, as discussed below, CZ takes pains to mitigate the recoil on both models of this compact pistol.  


When researching a conceal carry weapon (CCW), the semi-automatic sub-compact market might seem a little crowded and overwhelming. There are a ridiculous number of pistols to choose from, all with different features, materials, and specs. In today’s article we will help you narrow down your purchase options by describing one of the best sub-compact pistols on the market, SIG Sauer’s P938.


But First, A History Lesson

Česká zbrojovka (“Czech armory”) or CZ has a long and storied history in the world of weapon production. The company is based in Uherský brod, and used to be just one of the many “Czech armory’s” in the country. It began during World War II in 1936 and originally focused on producing aircraft machine guns, military pistols, and small-bore rifles. During the Communist control of the Czech Republic, CZ was refashioned into a state enterprise called “The Precision Machine Tooling Company, Uherský brod,” and specialized in many different products. Since the latter half of the 1980s CZ has emphasized firearms production.


CZ opened a US division in 1997. Initially CZ-USA dealt out of Oakhurst, CA, but in 1998 it was moved to Kansas City, KS, where it is still located. CZ-USA covers all distribution, warranty, and repairs for firearms purchased in the United States. CZ-USA is also where your spare parts will ship from.


For a greater look at the complicated history of CZ and CZ-USA, visit their website here and here.





CZ P07



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Reliability of the P07

CZ creates the P07 from Zyfel—a polymer material without any added fiberglass. Zyfel is an extremely durable material that should hold up to a lot of wear. The CZ P07 also comes with a nitride finish that staves off corrosion on the body of your pistol.


Because of the materials that CZ uses to make the pistol, it is unlikely that you will need anything fixed. However, just in case you do, CZ offers a five-year warranty on all parts—except wood, which has a one-year warranty—for the original owner. This warranty is not as long or inclusive as those from other companies, like Taurus. But, still, five years should cover a lot of wear-and-tear, and the high quality of the P-07 means that you will likely not ever have to use your warranty anyway.


CZ P-07 Features

The CZ P-07 comes with many features that makes it stand out from the other compact pistols on the market. Here are just a few of the highlights.



The CZ P07 comes with a fully stippled grip to help keep your hand securely on the pistol at all times. CZ helps promote trigger discipline by including large textured pads for your support-hand thumb and index finger (when it’s not on the trigger). The P07 can be set up for either right or left-handed shooters. Overall, the high level of detail and customizability on the grip makes it next to impossible to hold the gun incorrectly or unsafely.


In order to provide a gun that is customized to your body, CZ includes three interchangeable backstraps. The three different sizes, small, medium, and large, should mold perfectly to any hand size. Some reviewers have lamented that these backstraps do not provide the same level of texturing as the grip, but that is a fairly small inconvenience for the level of adjustability the interchangeable straps provide.


Always one of the most controversial aspects of any gun, the trigger on the CZ P07 is no exception. It has a hammer-fired DA/SA trigger, which people tend to either love or hate. However, even ardent detractors of the DA/SA trigger admit that CZ has created a very smooth shooting gun. Also, the trigger mechanism can be changed as part of CZ’s Omega system. this is discussed in more detail below.


When in DA mode, the trigger takes approximately fourteen pounds of force to break. The large amount of force coupled with a lot of overtravel have caused some reviewers discomfort, and most prefer using this pistol in SA mode.[1] In SA, the trigger only takes about four and a half pounds, so this option is much easier to pull.



CZ’s P-07 (both 9mm and .40 S&W models) shoots extremely accurately right out of the box. The P-07 has a very low recoil rate, and not as much muzzle flip as you might expect from a compact pistol. The shallow slide that is built into the pistol’s frame accounts for some of the diminished muzzle flip.


The low recoil is created by the weight of the gun, which comes in at a whopping 27.7 ounces unloaded. If you are looking for a light-weight compact, then this is not the gun for you. However, with that weight comes an increase in control and shooting accuracy, making the P-07 an ideal weapon of its size and price-point.


Finally, your accuracy will be improved by the inclusion of three dot sights—one on the front and two in the rear. They are photo-luminescent and fairly low profile. You can also manipulate them slightly by using an Allen key. Just another aspect of this pistol that CZ allows you to customize.



Unique to CZ firearms, this pistol comes with a convertible Omega trigger system. This trigger system allows you to use either a de-cocker or thumb safety on the gun. When using the thumb safety, the gun shoots in SA mode. The safety has been reported to not work well when using a shooting grip.[2] The de-cocker has also been criticized, for rubbing your support hand thumb.[3] Those complaints aside, the fact that CZ makes sure that you can set-up the pistol to your preference adds a lot of value to the P-07.



Every CZ P-07 comes with a picatinny rail, which will allow you to attach a variety of accessories. Lasers and flashlights are the most popular accessory options, which will help you upgrade this conceal carry pistol to a home defense stand-out weapon.


Additionally, CZ offers a suppressor ready version of the P-07. For just a few extra dollars, the suppressor-ready model P-07 will save you money in the long run. Additionally, reviewers have indicated that the addition of the suppressor does not significantly affect the accuracy or functionality of the pistol.[4]


Finally, CZ says that “Some CZ-USA dealers order special versions that vary from the standard configuration. This might be a difference in sights, safety mechanisms, finish or accessory package. From time to time you may find a P-07 with an extended barrel, tactical light, tritium sights or safety levers only. There are a number of special versions we ship throughout the year. May ship with or without a lanyard loop.” Make sure to talk with your dealer about available options.



In all, CZ has created a great and versatile compact pistol. It does everything well and will work in almost any shooting scenario (CCW, range, or duty). By all accounts, the P-07 is an extremely well-made gun, and is priced competitively. The number of ways in which you can customize this gun to fit your body and preferences sets it apart from other models like the similarly sized Glock 19. Czech weapons maker Česká zbrojovka has lived up to their storied reputation with this compact pistol. Our recommendation is to check out a P-07 at your local dealer today.

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