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Gun Safety Devices

Best Biometrics, Safety bullets, Trigger, Cable locks Reviewed


At Holster HQ we know its important to be able to access your weapon in a moments notice. Do not interpret that for the right to put your kids in danger. If you have kids in your house at anytime its more important to keep that weapon safe and out of their hands.

Shut up and keep your guns out of kids hands.

I don’t care if you own a grenade launcher or have 10 machine guns, if your kids can get to your guns and use them you have failed as a gun owner. There is big difference between getting to them and being able to fire them. If you have kids in your house you have a responsibility to keep them from being able to use your guns. PERIOD.END OF DISCUSSION. AT LEAST IT SHOULD BE. SERIOUSLY, SHUT THE FRONT DOOR IF YOU DON’T AGREE.

Here is the sad truth we have to face because of irresponsible gun owners- In the US every hour a child is injured by a firearm that was not properly secured.  Today we are going to look at the different types and styles of trigger locks, advancements in technology and a bullet that saves lives. We’ll look at how effective they are and how they can be defeated. We will look at Pros and Cons. Here’s the thing most trigger locks are made to be used on guns that are not loaded. That’s the way they are advertised, to be used on unloaded guns. In fact, if the gun is loaded you may be putting yourself at risk. When you take the trigger lock off you run the risk of engaging the trigger and making the gun go off unexpectedly. Which is why trigger locks are best used on unloaded guns. I know there is some rhetoric about that, as far as what good is a unloaded gun going to do you if you are attacked. I have heard from police officers that by the time you get the lock off and load your gun it will be too late in most cases. That is a valid point but we also need to think of the safety of the young ones that may come in contact with a gun that is loaded and may injure or even kill them.

My intention here is not to take either side of this debate but to present information on ways to secure a gun so a child cannot injure themselves. Hopefully I will introduce new ways you haven’t heard of that can both lock your weapon and still make it easily accessible for when seconds count.

Devices Reviewed in this Article

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New Options for Safely locking your Firearms and What You Need to Know

Safety Bullets


Have you heard of the safety bullet?  One of the coolest advancements in gun safety I’ve seen.  This is a bullet that goes in your gun in the chamber.  With a safety bullet in the chamber when the trigger is pulled it locks up the gun. The slide will not move so the gun is rendered harmless for example if a child were to get a hold of it and pull the trigger. You actually use two safety bullets just in case the child is able to cycle a round out then there is still one left if the child fires it.

The safety bullet engages preventing the slide from moving. Once the safety bullet is fired and is locked up all you have to do to make the gun work again is to put a rod that comes with the bullet and hit it against firm surface, then eject the safety bullet and the gun is operable again.

It makes it both safe and fast to access your weapon

For use against an intruder all you do is rack the 2 safety bullets out and you are ready to fire. You can put 1 or 2 safety bullets in a gun.  Two if you want to be ultra-safe but remember you have to rack the gun twice to make useable against an assailant.

There are other benefits such as If an intruder picked up your gun and fired it not knowing their was a safety bullet just made the gun unusable.

Another situation, albeit less likely, is the possibility to prevent some suicides attempts if a child or person attempted to use the gun without knowing about the loaded safety bullet.

These have been Proven by Kids in real life to work. According to the company they have already saved kids’ lives.

  • Easy to use
  • Fast to remove
  • Makes gun unusable to unaware persons (child or adult)
  • Made for 9mm, 357, 38 spec, 40 cal , 44mag, 45ACP
  • Quick response time against an intruder


.357 Magnum 38 special 40 Cal

Identilock Biometric lock

The Trigger Gun lock

Biometric Trigger Lock the Identilock is a clam shell like device that covers the entire  trigger area while still allowing proper grip of your gun. You may program in a maximum of three finger prints. It is recommended to use two of yours and one of someone else’s.  As you grip the gun as if you were going to shoot it you touch the fingerprint spot with one finger and the shell/lock falls away and will be completely useable just as fast as if you were drawing it from a holster. Specifically, .3 seconds is all it takes from locked to ready to use. It is also made in such a way that you can put in a magazine (or leave one in) while the gun is in the lock. It works as advertised but is not for the left-handed shooter. It has been recommended to make the device for lefties but time will tell. I have read many reviews on this device and all I can say is I want one.  Ident lock makes several models and I hope Indentilock is making more models so that it will fit even more guns in the future. It is safe around children is durable and even has key override



  • This device will keep your family safe while still letting you have quick access to use of your gun
  • Put your finger on the print scanner and it releases in .3 seconds just as fast as if you were drawing your gun from a holster
  • Input up to 3 finger prints in the device
  • Durable construction built to withstand extreme conditions
  • Has mechanical override unlocks with a key for emergency key controls whose finger print is in Identilock
  • Made for Smith&Wesson 1911,Remington 1911, Colt 1911, Ruger 1911, Springfield 1911, most Kimber 1911, most Sig Sauger 1911, most Ed Brown 1911, Does not fit Springfield 1911 TRP


Cable gun Locks

I really like the cable type gun lock. I feel like it is the most secure gun lock I’ve found yet. There is no guessing with this lock. When you run the cable through the gun you know it is not loaded. It is not possible. So you know children are safe under these circumstances. It just works. I do put my guns away from children’s prying eyes but if they should somehow find one of them they would be totally safe.  Also it is a good way to transport firearms. Especially if you do not have a concealed carry license. Though different states have different rules but in my state that would be legal.


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Absolute positive control of no round in chamber and inability to insert magazine
  • Cable and lock are coated with vinyl to prevent damage to gun
  • Cable is15” heavy steel cable
  • Fits most rifles handguns & shotguns

Cable Gun Lock

Cable Gun lock.  First remove magazine empty chamber of bullet then run the cable through the magazine orifice and out the top where the bullet would be. Here again the gun is completely safe because it is unloaded and can’t be used until the lock is taken off.

Pros: gun is completely safe just as safe as a brick. Great lock if you have small children around and do not have a safe

Cons: It does take some time to remove the lock and load the gun if you should need to use it in an emergency like your life is in danger.

Here is one that we recomend by Premium Tactical Supply Cable Gun Lock with Key (15″)


Another great option by FSDC, 15″ California-approved Keyed Cable Gun Lock 3-pack


Keyed Trigger Locks

Key lock trigger locks are a device that attaches to your gun so that it can not be discharged. It fits through the trigger guard in front of the trigger in such a fashion that the trigger can not easily be engaged.  A good key lock trigger guard will have a four pin tumbler to prevent lock picking. Steel Zinc body for durability. Positive locking mechanism with adjustable rachet for secure tight fit. It is best to get matching keys if purchasing more than one lock

Pros: children or unintended persons may not be able to discharge firearm with lock in place

Cons : takes time to unlock to be usable must have key handy. If you lose the key your gun is useless in an emergency. You might as well have a brick instead. If your children find the key you have another problem. Some universal locks may not fit as securely as they should on every gun and the lock can be moved enough to make the gun discharge. Dropping gun with lock on may also cause it to fire.

Master Trigger lock

The Master trigger lock works well is durable and it works on a variety of guns. I bought a 3 pack all keyed alike. I have one on a shotgun and it works just like it is supposed to. I have one on my M&P semi-automatic and it works great. It fits tight like it should. I feel like if a child somehow got a hold of my gun it would not discharge. It would take an older child like a teen that was really determined to make the trigger lock move or have any effect on it at all.  Also I do not leave it loaded in the lock.  I understand trigger locks are not designed to be used with a loaded gun. I heard if you have your gun loaded with the lock on that there is a possibility of it going off if it hits the trigger as you take it off. I find that a little far fetched but possible especially if you had a round in the chamber. I really like the rubber that lines the inside of the lock as it protects the finish of my gun. I’ve had other gun locks and this Master gun lock is the best one that I have ever had. I have a friend that has one on AR and on his 22 rifle and it works great on both. I have my 3rd lock on my Norinco 9mm semi -automatic and it works perfectly. I would recommend this lock to anyone who asked me about it.

  • It can be used for shotguns hand guns or rifles
  • Made from steel/zinc to be strong and last long
  • Has rubber cushion to protect gun
  • Dual lock 4 pin mechanism to make it harder to pick
  • 7/32 in. cable diameter, 14” 1-1/8 wide
  • Keyed like to P302



Master Lock

Master Lock Gun Lock, Keyed Trigger Lock, 90DSPT



Combination Trigger Locks

Combination trigger lock is very similar to the key lock trigger lock however you do not need a key to unlock it just as the name implies you put in a combination to open the lock

Pros: children or unintended persons may not be able to discharge firearm while lock is on. Resettable combination, so can easily be changed

Cons: cannot see combination in the dark and if lock does not fit securely enough it can be moved enough to discharge the gun. Dropping gun with lock on it may cause it to fire.

Combination Trigger Lock

I really like my combination trigger lock I got a 5 pack, they fit well on all my guns. With 1000 possible combinations I feel it would take someone a quite a while to figure out my combination. I have small children in the house and I feel my guns are secure with these combo locks on them. I do teach my children about gun safety and how there is no such thing as an unloaded gun as far as pointing a gun at someone but at the same time I don’t want to make a foolish mistake and think children are adults and not curious about guns. So I put these combination locks on my guns to be sure my children won’t be injured.


  • This gun trigger lock fits several rifles,shotguns and handguns
  • Has complete locking with adjustable rachet mechanism
  • Rubber to protect gun from scratching or damage
  • Rugged construction
  • Easy set or reset password, no key to lose

Here is a Top Pick for you to Check Out RioRand Trigger lock 3 Digit Combination Gun Lock