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Over recent decades, concealed carry firearms have become increasingly prevalent in the US. With the increase in demand, the guns on offer have significantly expanded. 

With the unrest 2020 has brought, more people are looking into personal protection options, but selecting the right one might be a bit overwhelming for those not familiar with firearms.

If you’re thinking about getting a concealed carry gun and don’t know what to go for, here’s our list of the top-selling concealed carry firearms now available.

Gun Bullets

  1. Smith & Wesson M&P Shield

This is a small, discrete 9mm gun, but not so small as to not fit the hand. The grip is of perfect length, although some people might prefer something a bit wider. Still, with the barrel that’s on the shorter side and a thinner grip, the M&P Shield offers good concealment for its size.

  1. Springfield Armory Hellcat

The 9mm, micro-compact gun has a high ammo capacity for a weapon this size. The standard-issue takes 11 rounds and if you want to reload ammo less, the extended magazine brings that up to 13. The barrel is hammer forged and incredibly accurate, especially for a concealed carry gun. 

The grip features an adaptive texture that’s pressure activated. Plus, there are a lot of upgrade options, including optics, lights, and lasers.

  1. Sig Sauer P365

This is a small and handy gun with an excellent ammo capacity of 10 or 12 rounds. Its ergonomic grip makes it quite comfortable to use, and the mechanisms are very straightforward. 

The gun’s trigger is noticeably responsive, far beyond most stock varieties. The P365 is very accurate, owing to its excellent trigger and sights. Besides the performance, the gun is also great for concealment while remaining easy to draw.

  1. CZ P10S

The scaled-down version of the P-10 C, this gun was designed with concealed carry in mind. Both grip and feel are excellent, guaranteed by the frame and texture. 

The added weight reduces the recoil and provides for straight shots. The magazine release can be adjusted for the left hand. The trigger is exceptionally well done, with minimal travel and high responsiveness.

  1. Glock 43

Glock guns are famous for being very reliable, and the 43 is no different. The safety features are exceptional since the gun has three internal mechanisms that will make sure it’ll only go off when the trigger is pulled. The sights are U-shaped, which might not appeal to everyone. Glock had a bit of a reputation for their triggers, but the latest generation has addressed many of the shortfalls.

  1. Taurus G2C

The leading quality of the G2C is its price and reliability. This gun is a good and affordable concealed carry weapon that holds 12 rounds in the clip. Both the grip and sights are straightforward and practical. 

That being said, the gun has an external safety that’s not necessary because of the already present internal mechanisms. The trigger is also somewhat of an issue due to its length and slight laziness. 

Still, the trigger length might be considered an additional safety measure since it makes it harder to set off by accident.

  1. FN FNX-45

This gun is somewhat larger than most of the featured concealed carry guns, which might be a plus for bigger hands. However, it’s not the best gun to conceal due to its size. 

The FNX-45 has excellent performance as a firearm. The Tactical version of the gun comes with an improved barrel, a rail, high sights, and more upgrades that make it even more functional. This gun takes .45 ammo.

  1. Ruger LCP II

Perfect as a concealed carry weapon, the .380 LCP II is small and compact and can be used as a pocket or backup firearm. 

The grip has a heavy texture for better handling and recoil control, although the recoil on this gun is pretty mild, to begin with. The sights have been improved from the previous version of the gun, and its overall performance is outstanding.

  1. Kahr CW 380

Kahr might be less popular than other gun manufacturing brands. Still, the balance of the price and quality makes it worth considering. It’s small and light, taking .380 rounds excellent for concealing and dependable performance. 

The sights, trigger, and grip are expertly crafted, so the gun behaves as intended for the vast majority of the time. The only real issue with the CW 380 might be that not all ammo types will adequately function with it.

The Best Choice

Besides performance and size, there are other factors to consider when choosing the best concealed carry firearm. The less experienced users should learn what caliber and type of ammo they’re most comfortable with. 

The clothing style also plays a part, since you don’t want to advertise your protection method. The climate and season might influence the clothing, so it’s best to consider all that when making a choice.

There’ll be a different concealed carry gun for everyone, so you should carefully examine all factors and the available options. Once you do that, the choice will be much easier to make.


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