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History OF Smith and Wesson

Smith & Wesson is an important name in small arms for a reason. The company has been around since 1852—which makes them similar in age to SIG Sauer. Smith & Wesson’s origins in the United States sets them apart from many of the other gun manufacturers with long histories, most of whom got their start in Europe or South America.

Horace Smith and Daniel Faird Wesson founded the company specifically to create firearms. Most importantly, they wanted to create a gun that could fire a self-contained cartridge—something not available at the time. Thus, the very origins of Smith & Wesson privileged innovation and high quality. The company has not diverged from these goals since their inception. In fact, they have outfitted American military and police forces with their weapons since World War II—they released their first .38 Military and Police revolver in 1899, but that revolver sold better with civilians than the military. As their long and successful history illustrates, Smith & Wesson has long been one of the most beloved manufacturers in the civilian market as well as with American military and police.


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