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A Lifesaving Decision, Firearms Saving People’s Lives

The decision to carry a firearm is one of the most important you will ever make. Not only can it provide safety, it also improves confidence and situational awareness. Training and learning to carry a gun are much more than just buying a gun and sticking it in a pocket. When carrying a gun your decisions change, your responsibility is much greater, if properly trained it could mean the difference between life or death and possibly save lives. It also leaves room for the irresponsible to make the rest of us look bad.

We are all used to hearing about guns hurting people, guns are the problem, gun this gun that. Let’s change the narrative, let’s talk about how guns could save lives all the time. Here are just a few of the many instances you probably haven’t even heard about, probably for one reason, it didn’t fit in with the whole guns are a bad theme.

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Kidnapping thwarted and no one injured all because of owning a gun.


  • On November 9, 2017, a Florida father was able to successfully stop the kidnapping of his 17-year-old daughter with the help of his handgun. The kidnappers, aged 15-19, had barricaded the road to their house, unscrewed security lights, and attempted to break into the garage. No one was shot, but the presence of the firearm scared the kidnappers enough that they fled the scene into the woods near the house. All suspects were later found and charged with attempted kidnapping and attempted home invasion robbery. Original story here. The criminals tried setting up a roadblock out of barrels to get the 17-year old girl to stop and get out of her car, luckily she drove around them. Good thing for cell phones, her next step was to call her father. Minutes later, his dogs were barking and he saw the would-be kidnappers trying to break into his garage. All it took was three warning shots to send the criminals running. Let me say that again, all it took was warning shots to protect this family.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Tips for buying your first handgun

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Don’t mess with a Mother and Daughter Gun Toting Duo


  • On February 25, 2018, a mother and daughter were able to stop a man from robbing their store. What would you do if you had a gun pointed at you without any time to react? This man started threatening them with a gun at their liquor store. Hasn’t this guy watched any movies, liquor store owners always have guns? When the Nutt job wasn’t looking both mother and daughter pulled out their own weapons. Both of them now had a gun pointed at him. I can’t image what he was thinking at this time, FAIL! A stand-off followed with the man not backing down from the two gun-wielding women. Unbelievably even after getting shot in the leg he somehow gets the gun away from the mother.  But, when the man wrestled the gun away from the mother an opening was found for the daughter to fire at point-blank range. Neither mother nor daughter was harmed in the robbery, and the would-be robber is now in police custody. Original story here. Add video An awesome ending to a very dangerous situation all because they gun loving women were ready.


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Hatchet VS Pistol

  • On April 17, 2018, a woman in Arizona stopped a would-be carjacker that was wielding a hatchet. The man attempted to rob and carjack the woman who had just entered her vehicle. The woman was concealing carrying a handgun and shot the man who did not have life-threatening injuries. She stayed on scene, corroborated with police, and is unharmed. Original story here.

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These Events are Happening all the time. Most of the time we don’t hear about them. Most of the time the narrative is negative. Please help me share these stories of guns saving lives on Facebook and other social media. Do you have a personal life-saving gun story to share? Please share it with us on our facebook at https://www.facebook.com/HolsterHQ or email us at info@holsterhq.com we would love to post it. We can even keep your name anonymous.