Glock 43 Vs. Desert Eagle: Which Is Best Suited For Military

Glock 43 Vs. Desert Eagle: Which Is Best Suited For Military

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Glock42 that precedes Glock 43 was ridicule for some and an unsatisfactory handgun. G43 is ready for sale. It appears as a duplicate for G42,   since both lodge large high-pressure rounds. The distinctiveness is that G43 is long, wide and heavy by about five ounces compared to its predecessor.

Magnum Research designed the initial Desert Eagle. After 2009, the production then became in-house, precisely at an MRI`s shop in Minnesota. Subsequently, in 2010, there was an altar in the original design, after Kahr bought Magnum Research. This is the version that is in use to date.

To find out which best suits military, we will look at the specs of each gun. The article will cover both pros and cons for each, after which we will review the best.

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Glock 43

The touch and feel are similar to that of G42. It is concealable due to the flush-mount mag that makes it unnoticeable in deep pockets making it a deep-carry gun. G43 accuracy and shooting ability are enhanced.

G43 comes with a pinky magazine extension that makes it easy to grip and control while firing. The pinky extension and flush magazine have six rounds each. This handgun is admirable, a 9mm which is small and lightweight. It is comfortable, and one can quickly and accurately make follow-up shots.

Its trigger is exceptional when compared to previous Glock handguns. This gun, however, lacks a proper grip. Thus one needs additional grip enhancement.


  • Stops power
  • Concealable and lightweight
  • Simple with all the levers being important
  • The handgun is small but offers six plus one rounds, which is fantastic for a gun its size
  • Convenient to carry around
  • Comes with aftermarket accessories


  • The weapon is snappy, just like preceding Glock models, and uncomfortable while firing due to the trigger guard getting in contact with the fingers.
  • Falls to the niche guns category due to the tiny frame
  • Little grip texture, but you can quickly stipple or add a grip enhancer
  • Lacks a Pica tinny rail

Do you have the proper safety equipment for shooting.

Desert Eagle

A significant proportion of handguns in use today either feature a straight blowback or barrel with a browning tilting design concept.

Handguns continuous inventions fail to include distinctive features. The only changes are in the mechanism through which the trigger functions, or the material making the gun. This then causes the firearms somewhat the same throughout the years.

Desert Eagle, however, stands out since its operating system is up to date and operates at a much higher level. Its barrels design is such as to place similar to direct blowback.

Also, the gun is compliant with New York. This is because its Hogue grip is factory-installed and features a side cut which plays a role to bring the guns weight down.

Another significant change the gun features is the shift of the Picatinny rail that is now at the barrel top. The barrel is fixed to allow adjustments and replacements without compromising the point of impact or accuracy.

Its design adopts a short stroke piston, to use minimum force while waiting to extract the casing.  This model is analogous to that which the M1 Carbine features.

This gun is consistent with technology, as it features AR-15 bolt design for its locking mechanism that keeps it contained. It has numerous `teeth’ that allow full support of the case head, that also includes raging fire.

The thin case walls are relative to powder charge. To handle them in line with loads of high pressure, the gun has to allow a significant drop of pressure in the chamber, before any trial to excerpt the cartridge (which is .50).  Failure to do this may result in the case rupturing and in turn cause injuries to the shooter.

It accommodates technical issues that may arise with a semi-automatic handgun.  This handgun has a chamber that enrages database across the world, who are now forced to add a new category for rotating pistols which are gas-operated. Also for insane calibers

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  • The fixed alterations and modifications without changing the accuracy or focus
  • The Pica tinny rail opens up
  • It has an attractive appearance
  • Features safeties that one can mount on the slides, which by the way are up to date, unlike securities which one attaches to the frame, not to say have been around for years.
  • Assembling the gun takes less space since dissimilar to other firearms, it splits the load into two identical springs.
  • The energy projected during firing is conveyed to the shooters hand, making the shooting experience comfortable

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  • While loading the guns, it may heat up quite fast. However, the heat generated is usually channeled upwards to the optic.
  • If the optics happen to be of low quality, they may melt due to the heat channeled. Well, it is not too bad since there is an available set of iron sights which are entirely accurate, just in case. Choosing high-quality optics is economical.
  • The design around the trigger has a nasty plan
  • The safety is quite inconvenient for people with small hands.


To sum it up, Glock 43 seems a pretty lovely 9mm handgun which is small, lightweight and concealable. That makes it the best subcompact gun in the market for now. Despite the grip being off, some may find it being just fine especially those accustomed to Glock guns; since it is not as unique.

Desert eagle, on the other hand, is up to date and stands out. The side mount frame and iron sights back up make it noticeable.  The cruel design around the trigger is somewhat not a factor unless for those who look more into style. It has a muzzle brake and a pica tinny that is strategic.

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The best gun suited for military between G43 and Desert Eagle

G43 is the best 9mm concealable handgun the market offers, but it lacks grip and is snappy a fact we cannot ignore. It may lead to discomfort during handling. Desert Eagle has a pica tinny, steady muzzle, up to date design and a firmer grip. Though in concealable. It remains the best option for the military.


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