8 Best Sig Sauer P239 IWB Holsters | Sig P239 Holster (Kydex & Leather)

Everyone wants to find the best Sig Sauer P239 holster but they aren’t sure where to look. That’s why we put in countless hours of work comparing these 8 best Sig Sauer P239 IWB holsters on this list. All the Sig Sauer P239 IWB holsters on this list are high quality, but we put them in this order for a reason. Are you ready to find the best Sig P239 holster?

Let’s begin with our favorite Sig Sauer P239 holster and the one we recommend.

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Vedder Holsters LightTuck IWB Kydex Holster- Sig Sauer P239 (Right Hand Draw)

Vedder Holsters LightTuck IWB Kydex HolsterVedder Holsters LightTuck IWB Kydex holster makes the top of our list for the Sig Sauer P239. It is made for right-handed draw and has a professional design with no unnecessary bulk. The Kydex is 0.08 inches in thickness and is molded to fit your Sig Sauer P239 with a custom build.

Proudly made in the USA, this Sig P239 holster comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty. The sweat shield keeps the slide clean and the piece sweat-free. It also provides a barrier between your skin and the Sig Sauer P239. The IWB holster has an adjustable ride height, carry angle (cant), and retention to allow for a customizable fit for optimal comfort. This holster is very versatile and easily concealable. It will easily last you a lifetime if properly taken care of.

Falco Holsters IWB Leather Holster with Steel Clip Sig Sauer P239

This holster is made with a soft black leather and is molded to the Sig Sauer P239 for a perfect fit. The design is simple with no unnecessary bulk built into it and the entire barrel is covered with an open muzzle design. The leather holster’s design enables quick draw and easy re-holstering.

One additional feature to this holster is that it can be removed without undressing your belt. Falco Holsters is a European-based holster making company and pride themselves on their old world craftsmanship when creating their holsters. Since each holster is custom handmade, their usual turnaround time is 20 to 30 working days. This particular holster is right-handed draw and comes with a 5-year limited warranty. The sleek build to this piece and the sturdy steel clip that attaches the Sig P239 holster to your belt makes this IWB holster easy to conceal and a great option for everyday casual wear.

DeSantis Intruder Inside the Waistband (IWB) Holster – Sig Sauer P220/225/226/228/239

Made in the USA, this holster has a professional design and is made with a combination of leather and Kydex. It is designed for right-handed draw and inside the waistband carry. The leather is from top grain premium steer-hide and the leather front component is finished with durable polyurethane. Each holster is custom molded for Kydex to fit the exact specifications of the Sig Sauer P239.

The leather and Kydex hold up well over time. This holster is a bit larger than other holsters, but it conceals easily and is also tuckable. For added comfort, this holster comes with an adjustable height and carry angle (cant). Overall, this is a great holster that hides the Sig Sauer P239 very well. It is a good option for everyday wear and holds up well over time.

Sig Sauer P239 IWB Hybrid Holster with Adjustable Retention, Black Arch Holsters ACE-1

Designed for right-handed carry, the holster has a sleek and professional design. It is made with leather and Kydex that is permanently joined together with durable Kevlar stitching. A unique feature to this Sig Sauer P239 holster is its variable stiffness backer. The backer features a durable leather face with a polymer-stiffening insert. It has a soft suede backing for comfort while carrying. This combination provides the holster with a sweat proof barrier and keeps your Sig Sauer P239 from rubbing against your skin. The variable stiffness backer is still flexible enough to move with you.

This holster comes with an adjustable retention, ride height, and carry angle (cant). The versatility and flexibility of this holster make it comfortable to carry for long hours and the firm design will keep the holster tight to your body for optimal concealment. It is best worn from the 5 to 3 o’clock positions for a right-handed shooter.

Cardini Leather Inside The Waistband Leather Holster For Sig Sauer P239. IWB Holster with Clip Conceal Carry.

This leather holster has a simple and sleek design. The leather is soft and made from genuine cowhide leather. A spring steel clip is attached to the Sig P239 IWB holster. It is a strong and durable clip that easily fits a belt width of 1.5 inches. The steel clip makes this holster easy to slip on and off and the overall design of the holster make it comfortable for carrying.

This holster is built to withstand everyday use and comes with a suede lining for added protection. It has a built in sweat shield to keep your Sig Sauer P239 away from your body and aids with easy draw and re-holstering. If you’re looking for a simple holster that will get the job done then this holster is definitely a contender.

Badger Concealment Sig Sauer Kydex Holster (P239)

Badger Concealment Kydex HolsterThis is a simple Kydex holster. The Kydex is molded to fit Sig Sauer firearms. This isn’t a custom fit, but it works well for the Sig Sauer P239. It is a lightweight holster that weighs only 3 ounces. The compact design allows for this holster to be concealed with easy. It comes with adjustable retention making it more comfortable to carry. The belt clip attached is made to fit a belt width up to 1.5 inches.

The company that produces these holsters is based in the USA and is a veteran owned and operated company. The holster has a forward carry angle (cant). Some customers have stated that this holster is easy to conceal and is very comfortable to wear for long hours. Another good feature of this Sig Sauer P239 IWB holster is that it seems to have minimal to no scratches or scuff marks on your piece even with prolonged wear and drawing and re-holstering.

OUTBAGS USA LS2P239 Full Grain Heavy Leather IWB Conceal Carry Gun Holster for Sig Sauer P239 9mm, .40S&W, .357SIG. Handcrafted in USA.

This holster is offered in both left and right-handed draw. It is handcrafted in the USA and made with genuine leather. This holster is hard-molded to fit the Sig Sauer P239 for a custom fit that will last after the break-in period. The leather that the holster is made from is covered with a protective clear coat to make the holster more durable.

The design of the holster has a rugged appearance and is simple in build. There has been no excess built into this holster and its size makes it easy to conceal. The holster offers minimal protection for the Sig Sauer P239, but it is acceptable for everyday carrying. It has a decent look to it overall and the leather has a worn and rugged appearance. Many customers have stated that overall this is a lightweight but excellent quality Sig P239 IWB holsters.

Galco Gunleather Waistband Inside The Pant Holster for Sig-Sauer P239 9mm

A simple holster with a rugged design, this IWB holster is offered in both left and right-handed draw. This holster is functional but doesn’t come with the customization that better quality holsters offer. The IWB holster is designed to be carried in a vertical orientation with no carry angle (cant). It can be used strong side, cross draw, or in front of the hip. The leather is made from premium center cut steer hide and features a reinforced thumb break retention strap. A sturdy injection-molded nylon clip holds the holster to your belt and it can fit a belt with a width up to 1.75 inches.

This Sig Sauer IWB holster has a natural finish with a simple design. Overall, it is a good Sig P239 holster for everyday carrying and while it may not be the most durable or versatile, it gets the job done when looking for an IWB holster that is easy to conceal.

If you have a Sig Sauer P239 and are in need of an inside the waistband holster, we recommend the first holster on this list. It’s the Vedder Holsters LightTuck IWB Kydex Holster- Sig Sauer P239 (Right Hand Draw).

That’s the end of our list. Did we miss any concealed carry IWB holsters for the Sig Sauer P239? If so, please leave a comment below and we’ll take a look!

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