7 Best Sig Sauer P238 IWB Holsters | Sig P238 Holster (Kydex & Leather)

Everyone wants to find the best Sig Sauer P238 holster but they aren’t sure where to look. That’s why we put in countless hours of work comparing these 7 best Sig Sauer P238 IWB holsters on this list. All the Sig Sauer P238 IWB holsters on this list are high quality, but we put them in this order for a reason. Are you ready to find the best Sig Sauer p238 holster?

Let’s begin with our favorite Sig Sauer P238 holster and the one we recommend.

Tulster Sig P238 Holster IWB Profile Holster – Right Hand

At the top of our list is the Tulster Profile Holster for IWB. This model has minimal to zero drag until the retention point and offers the sort of design that minimizes holster wear-down. The undercut trigger guard allows for an easy draw and easy magazine release without increasing the time needed to perform the action properly. It is molded specifically for a Sig Sauer P238 and has a very snug fit with low drag.

Made with a great matte finish, this model marries a comfortable fit and excellent concealment. The sweat guard helps its comfort-level and protects both weapon and shooter from the discomfort of having the weapon digging into the skin. The Kydex-like material also ensures an added layer of comfort while the matte finish makes the material sweat-resistant.

Azula Gun Holsters Sig Sauer P238 IWB Molded Leather Inside The Waistband Conceal Carry Holster BLACK RH

This handcrafted leather IWB model for the Sig Sauer P238 offers a classic design with premium leather molds and stitching. The design features a full comfort shield, which covers the top of the pistol slide and prevents the material from digging into the body.

With a right-handed draw, this holster really takes the next step toward making a conceal-carry a very comfortable carry as well. To sweeten the deal the makers have included a belt/waist clip that aids the stability of the holster without adding to the price. Ideally, this Sig Sauer P238 holster can be tucked into the waistband, however, and the manufacturers have adjusted the fit to make it so the holster is as comfortable against the skin with or without the clip.

Galco Tuck-N-Go IWB Holster for Sig-Sauer P238, RH, Black – TUC608B

This multi-weapon holster is made of durable center-cut steer hide with dark-grey stitching against the matte leather for a sharp, classic look without the shine. The model is soft and is easily worn against the skin. This Sig P238 holster has no cant or angle. Instead, it is meant to be worn vertically and tucked with its patented j-hook against the skin and behind the belt.

Its open top allows for a fast-draw while minimizing drag and allowing for equally fast re-holstering abilities. The holster has a reinforced mouth to keep its shape and allow for it to be fit behind a belt without crushing or becoming misshapen. This model does fit a belt up to 1.5 inches of that is the preferred wear.

Multi Holsters Elite Sig Sauer P238 IWB FOMI Left-Hand Holster

This Sig P238 holster has an interesting look and a molded finish to ensure maximum fit. Made with a Accu-Press process, this holster also offers a clicking sound when weapon is properly secured, taking the guess-work out of holstering. You can even adjust the tension levels by adjusting the tension screws to lock or unlock the weapon with ease.

The clip attached to this lefty has a reverse option for easy removal and a perspiration guard to keep body fluids from interfering with the wear of your weaponry. The cant is adjustable from 15 to 0 degrees, allowing for a straight draw if the wearer has that preference.

Sig Sauer P238 IWB Hybrid Holster with Adjustable Retention, Black Arch Holsters ACE-1

This hybrid holster offers the best of all words with leather, suede, and Kydex stitched together with premium Kevlar. A premium leather face protects the look of this holster, while the polymer stiffening-insert protects the functionality. In addition, the manufacturers have added a suede backer to keep out sweat and allow for additional comfort for the wearer.

The most interesting part about this Sig P238 holster is the shape, which is curved to fit snug against the body without being the least bit uncomfortable. Everything on this model is adjustable. From the retention to the ride height, to the cant, every aspect is tuned for your specific preferences. If flexibility, adjustability, and functionality is something you seek in a holster, this holster is the one for you.

Winthrop Holsters Sig Sauer P238 NO Laser IWB CCW Single Spring Clip Leather Holster with Body Shield R/H Black – 0598

This right-handed holster has a classic look and shape that will appeal to the traditionalists of the P238 market. The premium leather is wet molded to form the outer-shell and then stitched together for lasting shape. If you’re a lefty, don’t worry. They do have a left-handed model that is available for custom order.

Like most leather holsters, it will need to be broken in. However, after a few days of wear, the weapon should move easily from draw to holster without any real issues. It is recommended that the wearer adjust the holster to the 3:30-4:00 position to maximize effectiveness of the draw.

The clip that is included is a single-spring clip and is easily repairable if damaged. It fits a 1.5 inch belt and is fitted for a right-handed shooter.

Galco Gunleather Tuck-N-Go Inside The Pant Holster for Sig-Sauer P238 (Natural, Right-hand)

This Tuck-N-Go IWB holster will be a hit for fans of a more natural looking material. Wild West enthusiasts are sure to enjoy the brown soft-suede finish and light-brown hard leather stiffening for clips and wear.  A very attractive holster, the Galco features a reinforced mouth and is quick-draw capable.

Like its name suggests, this model is really made to be tucked into the waistband and is soft enough to touch skin while durable enough to maintain shape and effectiveness while being worn against the body. The patented J-Hook allows the wearer to properly secure their weapon without added materials and is meant to be worn vertically without cant or angle. It comes in left and right-handed models.

If you have a P238 and are in need of an IWB holster, we recommend the first holster on this list. It’s the Tulster Sig P238 Holster IWB Profile Holster – Right Hand.

That’s the end of our list. Did we miss any concealed carry IWB holsters for the Sig P238? If so, please leave a comment below and we’ll take a look!

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