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j frame pistol

You probably searched for something like What is the Best Holster for J Frame Review in 2020


If that is how you ended up here then you are in the right place. But all things considered, there is no one holster fits all. Below we have listed some really good choices in different styles for easy  J Frame Concealment Carry and quick access.  




The J-Frame holster  is used to carry the classic “snub-nosed revolver. 

 J frame revolvers are small, usually a five-round cylinder revolver. J frame guns are by definition, small and concealable. The J frame is intended for concealed carry or use as a backup gun.   J frame guns will typically be chambered for .38 Special or .357 magnum/.38 Special. There are also some .22 LR or .22 magnum J frames on the market.



There are a few choices of holsters to carry a concealed carry J frame pistol.  Which one is the best is going to differ depending on personal choice.  What you should look for when choosing the best J frame holster is high quality, safety (when you are talking about the Retention level) and the trigger and trigger guard should be fully covered by the holster to reduce the risk of accidental discharge when you draw your gun.  Comfort is always important or you won’t wear it.   Also you want to think about it being a smooth quick draw and how quickly and easy you can reholster.   You always want to think about how well your J frame holster will conceal under your clothing and if you are able to return your gun to the holster without any effort. Your J frame holster must grip your gun so it doesn’t fall out if you bend over or fall. 



J Frame Kydex- Claw Compatible Tuckable IWB KYDEX Holster  that is fully adjustable for both LH & RH carry at any position along your belt line. Plus you can tuck in your shirt while carrying!  The IWB holsters hold the gun tightly against the wearer’s body, inside their pants at the waistline, for maximum concealability balanced with accessibility

This holster has a signature adjustable Posi-Click audible retention system and is very durable and lightweight. This tuckable holster is known for being the slimmest IWB holster on the market. 

 The Kydex holster which is made for a particular model, it’s even different with laser vs non laser. Price on Kydex is from about $36 to $80. Then there is the Kydex holster that is leather lined, which gives you the best of both worlds for rigidity of the kydex but the smoothness of leather on the inside. Price $90



This holster is made of premium cowhide durable leather with a smooth leather interior to protect your revolver from scratches; This IWB gun holster will bend when you bend to reduce discomfort from pressure against your hip;

-2.15 inch tempered steel spring clip.

-fits up to 2 inch wide belt and no retention straps; Minimal imprint. 

-This holster has a sweat shield that protects the revolver from your body sweat.  

 A great option for CONCEALED CARRY in the waistband using the clip version.

Cardini makes similar style holsters for many models-You can find the online store and available models here. 




UTG 3.9″J FRAME Pocket Carry Holster

 LH and RH pocket J Frame Carry.  This Pocket Carry J Frame holster has front and back pocket 

storage.  Non slip bands to keep your holster in your pocket when the gun is drawn.   This holster has a side pocket for your license, cash, credit cards or ID.  Open top pocket Holster for subcompact 9 mm/.40 autos, Ruger LCR 

These holsters are easy to take along in any pocket i.e. shirt, shorts, jeans, pants, or jackets. Because pocket holsters make sure the gun trigger doesn’t hang out of the pocket, it is a good choice when you need to pull out the gun immediately. Plus, a pocket holster holds the gun securely in place.   It is the most convenient and comfortable option. It is the safer, efficient and secure method of concealing the weapon into your pocket


 -SNUG FIT: Great for, S&W J-frame.

-COMFORTABLE ELASTIC: and breathes while moving.

-HOLD YOUR GUN AND A MAG: Includes an elastic pouch to carry an extra mag, phone, or other item

Instead of relisting our recommended belly band holsters see this post for 15 options, we covered.


The belly band can carry a variety of revolvers, pistol or semi automatic. Prices on the belly band options vary from $14 to over $8O.

Uncle Mike’s Off-Duty and Concealment Kodra Nylon Ankle Holster

-Soft knit comfortable fabric  that can be worn right against your  skin; closed cell foam acts as a moisture barrier and padding for comfort

-Nylon web retention strap with reinforced thumb break

-Cinch-down design with Hook & Loop adjustment

-Right-hand model works inside left leg; left-hand model is for inside right leg

-Kodra nylon holster conceals small and medium firearms, even some compact large frame autos inside pant leg.


This holster is designed to be worn inside the waistband primarily in the appendix carry position.  Appendix carry is not for everyone. Either your body shape or your tolerance for what is pressing against your abdomen all day or even what type of clothing you wear may determine if you can appendix carry. You could always try a piece of foam wedge at the bottom of the holster to keep the gun from pressing into the body 

It hard not to love the

leather IWb J frame holster by Maxx carry, fits:

-Model 442 Airweight,

-642 Airweight,

-637, 638, 640 and other .38 Special Revolvers.

This holster has a nice inside suede leather and Premium cowhide leather inside. The clip is made from tempered steel and springs nicely. Fit is fantastic and will require some breaking in. This holster is made well and will last with minimal care.




The OWB holster is usually concealed under a coat or jacket.  Even a  long t-shirt or sweatshirt would work.  This OWB Revolver belt holster is a favorite among motorcycle riders carrying snub-nose firearms. Leather revolver holsters hold your weapon in place through the firmness of high-quality steerhide leather, reinforced with double stitching, and the custom-sizing to Jframe revolvers. Most people do not need the extra thumb breaks, trigger hoods, or other retention straps found in other holsters.




Tactical Shoulder Holster 

Universal shoulder holster fit for snub nose revolvers and small 380 / 22 / 25 pistols.

Has a double mag pouch that is interchangeable with gun holster for right or left hand cross draw. Draw is somewhat slower with a shoulder holster.  Fully adjustable to fit most body frames and includes elastic belt strap for secure carry.  Durable tactical construction that is comfortable, light weight and discrete.  The shoulder holster makes it a bit harder to conceal. 



An Ankle holster will present less chance of flashing or printing, as most people don’t look as low as your feet.  The ankle holster holds the gun against your ankle, under your pant leg for maximum concealability. It is very accessible while sitting. You may want to practice to make sure you can reach down and draw the gun out. 

Here are two models we like


Galco Ankle Glove Holster

Has an tension adjustment screw to adjust the draw.

Premium leather (this explains the high cost) can fit most ankles very well.

Good padding to protect the ankle for comfort. .

Topmeet Ankle Pistol Holster

This one is made from nylon, they tend to be more comfortable when used for a long periods of time. However, nylon wears out much faster than leather.  This also has pads and thick foam that can effectively protect your thigh and ankle.



The Clipdraw for a J-frame revolver attaches just above the pistol’s grip and behind its trigger, using a supplied replacement for the gun’s lower sideplate screw. The Clipdraw’s prong lies along, but not quite touching, the lower third of the pistol’s cylinder. On this stubby little revolver, the Clipdraw works perfectly.  Women prefer the Clipdraw holster as it is completely snag-free so you can wear with any fabric.  Very comfortable, easy to install, doesn’t weigh you down. Some people love them, I’m not a fan of any holster that does not cover the trigger.


As you can see, J frame Concealed Carry offers a few different options. It will depend on your size and shape which one works the best for you.