A fanny pack holster can be the perfect alternative if you're looking to conceal carry without using an conventional holster.

We are starting out this post with some background knowledge about fanny pack holsters, but if you don't care to read a bit, you can jump to the beginning of the list here.

We have looked at and tried several different fanny pack holsters and came up with the 15 best fanny pack holsters. A fanny pack holster can be better than a typical IWB or OWB concealed carry holster in a few ways. To be specific, you can wear any item of clothing and the fanny pack doesn't get in the way, you can carry other items besides your weapon, and they allow for quick and easy access. Also, these fanny pack holsters are a great alternative when you aren't dressed to conceal your handgun.

When selecting your fanny pack holster, you will need to allow at least a half-inch clearance around the zipper. If your handgun is about 5.5 inches long, it should fit in the medium pack. If your handgun is about 6.5 inches long, it should fit in the large fanny pack holster.

Fanny packs give a gun carrier an opportunity to carry their gun in a place that was easier on weight distribution on the body than a belt holster. Belt holsters pulled the gun carrier’s pants downward. Someone decided to modify a fanny pack for gun carriers, and the idea immediately took off.

The two main differences in ordinary fanny packs were that they were brought around to the front so a gun could be removed quickly, and they had some sort of easier access than zippers with the tiny pulls. This access was usually in the form of a cord, attached to a zipper, with an end that would pull the front of the bag away, or hook & end (velcro) with a snap to pull a hidden compartment away. Another way was a complete front attached with velcro which was manually pulled away from the gun.

After some time went by, several of the fanny packs were manufactured in different colors and materials such as leather.

Before we get into the 15 best fanny pack holsters, we want to answer a couple of common questions first.

What is a Fanny Pack holster?

A fanny pack holster is worn around the waist and is great fir all sizes. These holsters include a pouch for your firearm and usually other pockets to carry ID, money, and extra magazines. The fanny pack incorporates its own waist belt. These holsters offer a variety of “universal” fits and do not fit one specific model of firearm. Fanny pack's are also known as waist packs, belt bags, and pouches. Rugged, durable, and reliable, these high performance concealed carry fanny pack blends into the crowd, allowing you to stay inconspicuous. Fanny pack holsters are usually sized for a standard size pistol.The open pouch style means there’s no extra storage; this style is meant for only the gun. On the other hand that makes it easier to conceal, lighter weight, and simpler to use.

Why is a fanny pack holster the right fit for you?

I believe the advantages can outweigh the disadvantages for many people. The controversy about using fanny packs for concealed carry has been ongoing for many years now, and we can find many positive arguments for using a fanny pack. Some of the positive reasons include: fanny packs are more comfortable, your handgun is more accessible in a fanny pack, you can wear a fanny pack with just about any casual clothing, and fanny packs protect your handgun from the elements. Fanny packs are more comfortable than any waist, shoulder, or ankle holster, hands down.

The advantages of fanny pack holsters?

The first great thing about the fanny pack holsters is that no holster is digging in your abdomen when seated, no paranoia about shirts riding up, and no sitting with your back away from the seat because your holster would bulge through your clothing.

Also, another great reason to have a fanny pack holster is that you can wear it with any clothing item and no one would even be able to tell that you are carrying a concealed weapon. Fanny packs protect your handgun from rain, snow, dust, and mud. When you wear an IWB or OWB holster, you will get build up from your everyday carry, but with a fanny pack there will be no build up and your weapon will also stay dry! In order to keep the profile sleek and to make full concealment possible, keeping the compartments small is absolutely necessary.

Now, let's start the article with the fanny pack holster we suggest.

Best Funny Pack Holster Reviews in 2020

Galco Escort Waistpack - Fanny Pack Holster

[azimg asin="B003UGLPYQ"]

The Galco Escort is constructed of 430 Denier water-resistant rip-stop pack cloth. Dual front-opening zipper pulls allow for a fast and quiet draw. The unique built-in neoprene holster and spare magazine slot (on large size only) conform to the handgun and magazine, providing excellent security.

The 1 1/2 inch waistband strap includes a fastex buckle release that makes the escort extremely easy to put on and take off. All sizes feature a front utility pocket, taped inner seams and an interior rain flap along the zipper's edge on the pistol compartment. The large size also includes side wing pockets.

The Galco Escort is available in black nylon in right and left-handed designs. One size fits all waists up to 46.

DTOM Concealed Carry Fanny Pack Holster

[azimg asin="B01AKFHOXK"]

Slim fit concealed carry fanny pack. Works for right or left handed shooters. USA made with YKK zippers and rugged 1000 denier Cordura nylon concealed carry fanny pack. Works well for small sized guns like the Ruger LCP and Diamondback 9mm and 380 or guns of similar size. Fits up to a 42in waist. This has a big performance at an affordable price!

Urban Carry Fanny Pack Holster

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This discreet fanny pack design allows you to carry “hidden in plain sight” thanks to an internal, fully adjustable universal holster with a thumb break. Constructed of 1000 denier Cordura nylon outer material. Has retention belt loops attach to belt for extra security and retention. And the best part about this fanny pack holster is that it has a universal design fits most small- to medium-frame and medium to large-frame autos and revolvers.

The stitching and materials are high quality, and there is no imprinting to alter do-gooders and paranoid folks that I'm carrying. In short, it's everything I have come to expect from Blackhawk gear.

Large Fanny Pack Holster

[azimg asin="B00162NYR2"]

The Covert II Waist Pack allows easy access to pack contents without exposing your firearm. That's because it's hidden behind the main compartment in a concealed pocket. The ambidextrous design gives you instant access to your firearm by pulling open the right or left side pull tabs. This fanny pack holster is made of nylon and has very sturdy zippers. This fanny pack fits full size automatics and revolvers.

Large Tan Leather Concealed Carry Fanny Pack

[azimg asin="B00YNHKY98"]

Slim fit concealed carry fanny pack. Works for right or left handed shooters. YKK Zippers are extra tough and sturdy but have light and thin buffalo/bison leather concealed carry fanny pack. Fits up to a 40" waist. Medium and small size fanny packs are also available on Amazon to fit small and medium size guns.

This holster comes with break away tab and zipper for easy weapon access. This allows you to always know where your zipper opening for your weapons compartment is located. Also includes a large zippered pocket for wallet and keys and a smaller zippered pocket that is large enough for the largest of smartphones.

Medium Concealment Fanny Pack Holster

[azimg asin="B004IMP44S"]

This runner's style fanny pack provides the features you want most in a fanny pack like concealment, accessibility, quality materials and superior workmanship. This small concealment fanny pack fits most automatics with barrel lengths up to 4" and revolvers with barrel lengths up to 3".

This holster is made from cordura nylon with a padded pistol pocket. The gun pouch opening is 6"T. The top measures 12 4/5"L and the bottom is 7 3/4"L. Two zippered full length accessory pockets. Includes a quick release belt which adjusts up to 54". Velcro hook & loop and a metal snap secures pistol in pocket and allows for quick & easy access. Works with right or left handed people.

Tactical Concealed Carry Fanny Pack Holster

[azimg asin="B003UGLPYQ"]

Heavy Duty GoodStork Tactical Pistol Fanny pack made from heavy duty nylon with molle webbing, reinforced stitching and quality zippers. The gun compartment has two zippers for right or left hand gun access and is velcro lined on both sides for precise gun positioning! In addition to Velcro, the gun compartment has a holster with hold-down straps to securely hold your pistol in place. The gun compartment has a second Velcro enclosed pocket behind the gun storage area.

There is a large front zippered compartment with MOLLE webbing on the exterior with two small side pockets with zippers and contains a large pocket on the backside with an easy access velcro enclosure. Fits small to medium handguns, with plenty of storage for your ammo, magazines, cell phone, flashlight, wallet, keys, etc.

Concealment Nylon Fanny Pack Gunrunner Holster

[azimg asin="B0007VDP86"]

Uncle Mike's, fanny pack gunrunner medium holster holds compact 9mm, 40 and 45 autos, 2-3 inches barrel medium revolvers and most full-size service pistols. Plain Black belt pack has three zip compartments.

You can holster and close the hook & loop with one hand, without taking your eyes off surroundings. Hook & loop back panel and a 12 inch strap included to position and a secure firearm. 1.5 inches wide adjustable nylon web belt with quick-release buckle.

Belt Pouch Fanny Pack Holster

[azimg asin="B004T7IZDE"]

These clever concealment pouches allow you to carry “hidden in plain sight.” Designed to mimic a camera or tourist pouch, each has a top zipper opening that can remain open or closed with your handgun hidden behind a hook and loop flap.

A separate pocket on the front of the pouch holds keys, cuffs, ID, or change and is an ideal spot for a camera, company patch, or other “corporate camouflage.” Dual belt loops fit any belt up to 2” wide.

This fits 2” 5-shot revolvers and subcompact autos large belt pouch holster and fits medium/large-frame autos and 3” revolvers.

Concealed Carry Fanny Pack Holster

[azimg asin="B004T7IZDE"]

The select carry pistol pouch is built from rugged 1050D nylon and features a compact front pocket with magazine slots. The Select Carry Pistol Pouch has been designed to carry small firearms for quick and rapid deployment. This fanny pack is very flexible and you even forget you're wearing it.

This fanny pack is completely adjustable. It can fit a full size handgun and can be worn under a shirt or over. It conceals well and has no print. It allows you to keep a copy of your CCW in one of the little pockets. I really like the "quick draw" zipper release; it is very convenient when you need to draw your gun quickly.

Uncle Mike's Concealment Fanny Pack Holster

[azimg asin="B0009UXFR6"]

Uncle Mike's gun pack belt pouch holster is part of uncle mikes law enforcement police gear made by Michael's of Oregon, the world's largest holster manufacturer. Uncle Mike's gun pack pouch holster is specifically designed for discreet handgun carry and utilize an innovative hidden rear compartment that allows for a quick, smooth draw.

The gun compartment is accessed through a zippered top and then through a Velcro Brand touch fastener closure. Uncle Mike's unique design of the gun pack belt-pouch holster allows the center compartment to be opened without exposing the firearm, making it the ideal choice for off-duty carry. Uncle Mike's fanny-pack style gun pack belt pouch holster is handy with enough room to carry sunglasses, a wallet and ID in addition to a concealed firearm.

CCW Concealed Carry Fanny Pack Holster

[azimg asin="B00B9EIWPQ"]

Heavy duty tactical pistol fanny pack from Roma Leathers. Made from heavy duty nylon with molle webbing, reinforced stitching and quality zippers. Adjustable strap fits waist up to 48". Two zippers for right or left hand gun access. Measures 8 1/2" x 5 1/2".

Velcro lined on both sides for precise gun positioning! In addition to velcro, the gun compartment has a holster "hold-down" strap to securely hold your pistol in place. Comes with velcro holster as shown with quick release snap for a quick, easy pistol draw. The gun compartment also has a second velcro enclosed pocket behind the gun storage area. Other Details: Large front zippered compartment with molle webbing on the exterior. Two small side pockets with zippers.

Also, contains a large pocket on the backside with an easy access velcro enclosure. Plenty of storage for your ammo, magazines, cell phone, flashlight, wallet, keys, etc.

Tan Zipper Fanny Pack Holster

[azimg asin="B0077RRZXO"]

This holster has a center compartment with a hook and loop panel. It has two pockets and one zipper pocket. There is a tug-away layer on both side pockets with padded mesh backing.

It is ambidextrous with two quick access pulls in the main compartment. The pouches on either size of the main compartment are ideal for holding your keys and cell phone, one is zippered, the other has a hook and loop closure flap.

Concealed Carry Pistol Bag Fanny Pack

[azimg asin="B0071MOP3S"]

This gun concealment fanny pack features the look of a common waist pack yet is able to discreetly and safely store your hand gun. General waist pack functionality offers four storage pockets. An expandable mesh front pocket is able to hold more than one cell phone, or a camera or walkies.

Its small zippered slip pocket is great for storing change or small valuables. Front pockets are great for storing your wallet, extra ammunition, or whatever you may need to have with you. Featuring right and left 'quick release' pull tabs. This pocket is lined with thick Velcro strips that hold the removable holster securely in place. Holster features a 1.5 inch loop at the top with a removable strip that has Velcro closure.

These features may allow you to attach the holster to another accessory such as a belt. Fanny Pack with hidden gun pocket features a nylon waist strap that is adjustable up to a 50 inch waist. Created from 600 denier polyester to be durable and stain resistant. This top quality Gun Concealment Fanny Pack is a useful item for any gun carrying man or woman.

Tactical Fanny Pack Holster with Quick Release

[azimg asin="B00RICYEDM"]

Tufforce Fanny Pack with 2" belt, included a positionable conceal pistol holster pad. 4 magazine pouches included. It has a quick release by one opening. 3 layers of high quality pouches.Gun Waist Pack concealed carry compartment is large enough to carry any hand gun. This fanny pack is great for men and women.

One piece of advice when you purchase a new fanny pack holster. Don’t take the holster out on the street before practicing with it. Get to know your holster. Find out where it is, and where the gun is inside the holster. Let there be no doubt of how to open that holster and then how to remove the gun. Practice until the holster can be maneuvered open and the gun can be quickly drawn and lined up with a target quickly. You will want to continue to practice until your gun comes out smoothly and quickly!

That’s the end of our list. Did we miss any fanny pack holsters that you love? If so, please leave a comment below and we’ll take a look!


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