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Everyone wants to find the best Beretta 92FS pancake holsters but they aren’t sure where to look. That’s why we put in several hours of work comparing these 5 Beretta 92FS pancake holsters on this list. All the Beretta 92FS Pancake holsters on this list are high quality, but we put them in this order for a reason. Are you ready to find the best Beretta 92FS pancake holster?

Let’s begin with our favorite Beretta 92FS pancake holsters and the one we recommend.

Beretta 92FS Pancake Holster Reviews

Azula Gun Holsters Beretta 92, 96, M9, 92F and 92FS

Beretta 92, 96, M9, 92F, 92FS OWB Leather 2 Slot Molded Pancake Belt Holster

This Beretta 92FS pancake holster is a leather two slot pancake gun holster. It is designed for outside the waistband and made from top quality leather. The holster is made to be worn with a belt up to 1.5 inches in width. The back of the holster covers so that the holster provides a full comfort shield and does not dig into your skin. This is an additional comfort not provided in many other holsters and is one of the reasons it makes the top of our list.

On the front of the Beretta 92FS pancake holsters are reinforced tabs that offer additional support and stops the leather from rolling over with use. It is a full-length holster and covers the Beretta 92FS completely so that it doesn’t hang down below the holster.

This Beretta 92FS pancake holster is made by Azula Gun Holsters. They have over 30 years of experience in the holster making industry and offer a lifetime replacement warranty. They also offer matching leather belts for sale with the OWB two slot pancake holster. This pancake holster is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a pancake holster that is comfortable and has a good quality design.

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Gould & Goodrich B803-92F Gold Line Three Slot Pancake HolsterGould & Goodrich B803-92F Gold Line Three Slot Pancake Holster

Made in the USA with top grain vegetable tanned genuine leather, this holster comes equipped with three slots. The design is sleek and the leather has a smooth and polished look. The leather has a deep definition of molding and conforms nicely to the Beretta 92FS. With this holster, you can wear it tilted or straight up and can be placed on a belt up to 1-¾ inches in thickness.

The Beretta 92FS pancake holsters designed by Gould & Goodrich are made for a right-hand draw. It seems to hold up to everyday wear and the leather is extremely comfortable. The snap is secure and is a perfect fit. There is no sloppiness or looseness in the design.

The soft texture provides a natural feel to the pancake holster. The holster offers a smooth draw and can be worn for long hours. Overall, this is another excellent choice when looking for a three slot leather pancake holster.

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OUTBAGS USA Belt Holster for Beretta 92FS 9mm. Handcrafted in USA

OUTBAGS USA LP1092FS Full Grain Heavy Leather OWB Open Carry Pancake, Side Carry Belt Holster

This holster isn’t as flashy as the previous holsters. It is simple in design but gets the job done. This is a two slot pancake holster and is also handcrafted from genuine leather. This holster was made in the USA and was hand dyed to preserve the natural leather characteristics. A clear protective coat has been added to the leather for durability. It fits belts 1.75 inches in width or smaller.

The holster has a snug fit to the Beretta 92FS, over time the leather conforms more to the gun and will loosen up to a perfect fit. Some customers have noted that the stitching isn’t very thick on the holster affecting the retention, but the price is decent for the quality. Most customers are completely satisfied with the Beretta 92FS pancake holster offered by Outbags and would definitely buy from them again in the future.

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Safariland 328 Pancake Style Concealment Holster

Safariland 328 Pancake Style Concealment Holster

This is a plain black two slot Beretta 92FS pancake holsters. It offers two different cant positions and its simple design has suede lined to protect the finish of the weapon. This holster offered by Safariland is built for function and comfort. The pancake holster has a thumb break/hammer strap and top draw design.

The holster is custom-formed for the Beretta 92FS and is thermally molded on the exterior surface. The backside surface is a lighter weight free formed SafariLaminate. The company stands behind its product and states that this combination allows for ample protection and durability while also providing comfort for the wearer. The belt loop design is made for a firm attachment and enhances the stability of the carry and draw. This holster is a decent option, but not as polished as some of the other holsters.

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1911 Ruger SP101 LCR J Frame Glock Springfield XDm XDs Beretta M9 92 FS Outside Waistband Pancake Quick Draw Holster

J Frame Glock Springfield XDm XDs Beretta M9 92 FS Outside Waistband Pancake Quick Draw Holster

This holster has a sleek design. The leather is soft to the touch and has a polished finish. It is something that looks like it should be shown off. This holster is made with 100% authentic premium leather. It has comfortable wear and a solid clip. This is an American made holster that will fit belts up to 1.75 inches in width. It has a minimalist design and is ultra-thin and lightweight. The holsters lightweight doesn’t detract from its stability or the snug fit around the Beretta 92FS.

The Beretta 92FS pancake holsters made by Bass Tactical is a good pick if you’re looking for something with a snug fit, that will be comfortable to wear, and is crisp in design. The seams on the holster are tight and don’t detract from the overall look of the leather. The main focus of this holster is the quality leather and the soft texture of the holster. The Teflon clips are built for endurance, making this holster well worth the money.

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If you have a Beretta 92FS and are in need of a pancake holster, we recommend the first holster on this list. It’s the  Azula Gun Holsters Beretta 92, 96, M9, 92F, 92FS OWB Leather 2 Slot Molded Pancake Belt Holster CCW TAN RH.

That’s the end of our list. Did we miss any concealed carry pancake holsters for the Beretta 92FS? If so, please leave a comment below and we’ll take a look!