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We tried out several different Bersa Thunder holsters and came up with this list of the 9 best Bersa Thunder OWB holsters. Outside the waistband (OWB carry holsters)  are better for a few reasons. To be specific, OWB holsters are better for their grip, re-holstering and are comfortable. They hold your gun securely to your hip.

The Bersa Thunder is a great handgun and it’s an amazing carry gun.

Let’s begin with our favorite Bersa Thunder OWB holster and the one we recommend.

Gold Star Holsters LLC “THE VETERAN” Pancake Holster for Bersa Thunder 9/40/45 Ultra Compact

This holster is an outside the waistband pancake holster utilizing two 1.75″ open-ended polymer clips, allowing the holster to be put on and taken off without removing your belt. The holster is molded Kydex with a curve to wrap around your body for a nice low profile fit. Like all of Gold Star Holsters, it is custom molded to fit your firearm even if it has a light or laser attached.

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Comp-Tac Paddle Holster – Straight Drop

The Straight Drop is Comp-Tac’s number one bestselling outside the waistband (OWB) holster and is used for both concealment and competition. In fact, it is the most popular holster in IDPA and has been used by several national IDPA champions. Their Straight Drop is the closest (to the body) riding holster available on the market. The paddle backing allows limitless positioning on the waistband without interference from belt loops. The paddle backing curves over the belt and pants so the paddle portion actually sits inside your waistband. There are two forward-curving tabs that “grab” on to the bottom of your belt to help stabilize the holster while still inside the waistband.

This model is fast and convenient to put on or remove throughout the day all while keeping the pistol securely holstered. The Paddle Holster is available with one of two cants. One option is with a speed (Straight Drop) cant; this is ideal for competition use and allows for the fastest draw. Full-Coverage or Slide Version. A “Slide” version is available for select models. This is an open-ended holster made to fit a series of frames. The holster will fully cover the shortest barrel length in a series; longer barrels of the same frame will stick through the bottom of the holster.

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K Rounds LLC OWB Pancake,Bersa,Thunder Combat,1.75″ H Belt Loop,Right Hand,FBI – 15 degree,Black

The Low Pro OWB (pancake) is a slim yet durable holster design that is designed to be carried as close to the body as possible. The injection molded belt loops allow your firearm to hold tight to the body while simultaneously contouring to your body and not interfering with the full combat grip. The belt loops are strategically placed to evenly distribute the weight of your firearm. This holster also has a full-length sweat guard to maximize your carry experience.

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Falco Holsters Bersa Thunder 380 Leather IWB/OWB Holster

This holster by Falco Holsters is custom made for the Bersa Thunder. The holster is designed for both concealed and outside the waistband carry. The holster is hand molded for the perfect holster-fit. It features the reinforced opening, which enables easy draw and fast re-holstering. The widely spread belt loops with press-studs, make this model very stable and comfortable for everyday carry. The holster can be put on or removed without taking the belt off. An adjustable tension screw provides the additional security. Entire barrel is covered, open muzzle design. Standard holsters are designed to fit a 1.6 inch belt, if you need a holster for a different belt size, please specify it in order detail. Standard holsters are designed to fit a 1.6″ belt, if you need a holster for a different belt size; please specify it in your order details.

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Winthrop Holsters Bersa Thunder 380 OWB Shield Dual Snap Holster R/H Black – 0385

This is a custom handmade black Bersa Thunder holster 380. This holster was made for outside the waistband (OWB), it has 1.5″ Belt Loops. This holster is made for the right-hand shooter, left available as a custom order. We use 7 to 8 oz. premium leather, wet molded to fit the gun. Our recommended wearing position is 3:30 – 4:00; positioning the front of the holster with the side seam of your pants, the back of the holster towards your back pocket.

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Vedder Holsters Quick Draw OWB Hybrid Holster – Bersa Thunder .380 (Left Hand Draw)

The Quick Draw holster is an outside the waistband (OWB) hybrid holster that’s handmade with Premium 10-12oz cowhide leather and molded kydex to fit perfectly to your gun. The Quick Draw series is designed to be worn OWB by fastening it with your belt though our precut durable belt loops. Quick Draw holsters secure your firearm close to your side making it easy to conceal under a jacket or a loose un-tucked shirt. As with their entire hybrid holster line the Quick Draw hybrid holster is proudly handmade in the U.S.A.! And you’re backed by Vedder Holsters’ 30 day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty!

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Leather Paddle OWB Holster for Bersa Thunder 380Made from beautiful and unique premium leather, that is handmade molding for a perfect fit. Thumb break for good retention and faster draw. High concealment. Sight rail space to protect the leather and muzzle sight. Has a moving polymer paddle to adjust the carrying angle. Using 2 screws on the polymer paddle the holster can be easily switched between horizontal and vertical stances. Fits belts up to 4.5cm in width.

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Bersa 380 Thunder Leather Gun Holster Pro Carry HD /w Slide Guard Right Hand OWB Brown

The finest outside the waistband (OWB) clip on, concealed carry, top grain leather, custom gun holster on the market. The Pro Carry is 100% made in America. This holster allows fast draw, provides excellent concealment, versatile carry positions and sets the standard for all others to follow regarding weapon retention in an open top holster. Their exclusive molding process actually duplicates the exact build of each weapon and in doing so, provides unheard of retention in an open top design holster. They use American manufactured spring steel clips with hidden leather grabbing prongs that do not allow your belt clip to move or lose its retention. They build each and every holster using bonded polyester thread.

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New Barsony Black Leather Pancake Holster for 380 and Small 9mm 40 45

Made from U.S. double shoulder 7oz. weight cowhide. Accepts belts up to 1 3/4″ (1.75″) width. New Barsony black leather OWB and IWB holster plus magazine pouch for small 380, Ultra Compact 9mm 40 45. Premium stitching, lightweight (only 4oz) and is made in Beaverton, Oregon USA. IWB holster comes with a matching single magazine pouch. If you are right-handed and wish to carry on the small of the back request a left-hand holster. If you are left handed for left side carry request left-hand holster. If you are left handed and wish to carry on the small of your back select right-hand draw.

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If you have a Bersa Thunder and are in need of an OWB holster, we recommend the first holster on this list. It’s the Gold Star Holsters LLC “THE VETERAN” Pancake Holster for Bersa Thunder 9/40/45 Ultra Compact.

That’s the end of our list. Did we miss any concealed carry OWB holsters for the Bersa Thunder? If so, please leave a comment below and we’ll take a look!

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