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After days of searching for that perfect grill you finally found it. Now you’re home admiring it in all it’s shiny metallic splendor. Wait, what did the news reporter just say? Did they say rain this weekend? No, say it ain’t so. Panic grips your soul. How did you forget to buy a cover for the newest piece of joy in your outdoor oasis? Before that storm swoops in and damages that glossy finish, you better figure out which grill cover best works for your new baby. Hopefully the information here will be helpful to you in that endeavor.

Pre-purchase considerations


One of the biggest, no pun intended, consideration before purchasing a grill is size. If you have a monster grill and the cover you are looking at will never fit then it’s a no brainer. Same goes with a very small grill, if the cover is so big the wind is able to lift it off, it’s not going to be much protection in a storm. A snug fitting, easy to apply cover is your best bet.


One of the most important features is cost. So you are willing to spend x amount of dollars on your cover. Be it at the high end or the low end of the price point, we all have an amount of money in mind. You have to consider though, are you saving money if you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase? If you have to replace it every year is that really saving you anything in the long run?


How much does the color or overall appearance mean to you? Some people don’t care if their backyard covers are a hodgepodge of fabric and textures. They feel the covers are there to protect their belongings and not something to worry about. They know they are going to remove the covers prior to that party or cook out so no one is going to notice. Others would have a severe OCD reaction to seeing one thing not matching on the patio. They don’t care who won’t see it, they only know they can’t stand the sight of it. To each their own, but this may be a big consideration.


Finally you have to decide how much protection does this cover need to provide to the grill. No matter where you live you have different weather issues that will affect the durability of the cover. Is your grill going to stay outside in the winter? Worse yet, do you have uncontrollable weather where it can snow into spring and as early a s fall when you may not have had time to store everything prior to winter? Do you live in an area that experiences strong winds all year? Do you need massive amounts of rain? Your needs are far different from someone who lives in a dry climate.


No matter which grill cover you’re going to order, save yourself some time and pain by checking out the grill size chart on the Classic Access web site. It may help you to obtain that perfect fitting cover and reduce the rise of having to return it for a different size. Figure out what your needs and expectations in each product are. After that prepare for a summer full of cookouts and patio parties


Our Top 4 Picks:

Classic Accessories 73912 Veranda Barbecue Grill Cover

View it on Amazon: [amazon asin=B000HCNEWM&template=price]*

*Price typically updated every 24 hours. Current price may be different.

The Veranda Collection from Classic Accessories has multiple grill covers sizes to choose from. Founded in a Seattle basement back in 1983 Classic Accessories merchandise can be purchased in stores or online at their own web site or Amazon. Jacob Engelstein started out creating car accessories like steering wheel covers, seat belt pads and fuzzy dice. Before long he realized if he could make these little covers maybe he should try his hand at a cover for the entire car. Now Classic Accessories manufactures covers for cars, RV’s, boat and anything else motorized that could use a protective cover. Along the way they developed grill and matching patio furniture covers.

Their web site displays numerous examples of their products and also provides helpful information regarding getting that perfect fit on your cover. Plug in your grill type, brand name, model and item number before clicking the find button and they will provide you with your cover option. What a tremendous time saving feature. No guessing, no hoping it will be what you once it arrives in the mail. You are able to order with confidence and reduce the risk of disappointment. This is especially handy when you realize they over 140 different shapes and styles in the Veranda Collection to choose from. These variable sizes range from the extra small that is thirty-eight inches long by twenty-two inches deep by forty-four inches high to the monstrous XXX large that fits the whopping eighty inch long by twenty-six inch deep and fifty-one inch long grill. On Amazon the small retails for 34.99 and the largest goes for 56 dollars. They on average four pounds.

These covers are not designed to cover the the wheels or leg bottoms. Instead they have click close straps that snap over the wheels or legs. This allows for a secure tight fit even on the windiest of days. The built in air vents help not only to reduce wind lofting but they also reduce condensation between the cover and your grill. This feature can assist in extending the life of your grill by reducing the risk of rust. The Veranda Collection is made of the Gardella Fabric System which features a tan fabric top with a protective water proof backing. It has dark brown piping trim and a brown splash guard skirting. It has an elastic hem cord with adjustable toggles that gives you the ability to make a tight and custom fit. It has padded handles make it easier to place on or remove from your grill. These handles are resistant to the cold and won’t crack in the temperature change. There is a zipper pocket to grill accessory storage. To clean just use water and a soft brush. Let your cover air dry. Soaps and use of a drier may affect the protective coating.

The Veranda Collection can be matched to accessorize the patio furniture covers also contained within this collection. This will allow your back yard to coordinate even when not being used. No one wants to spend money on sprucing up their outdoor entertainment area to only have it look like a hodgepodge of mixed fabrics and colors.There were some reviews that complained of holes and wear after just one or two season. The cover does have a three year limited warranty. The Classic Accessories website makes it easy to report an issue. They have a thirty day return policy if you are not completely satisfied. They even pay the return shipping for you. A simple warranty form can be completed and submitted back to them for processing. Be sure to keep your original receipt as they want this with any claim. For those of you living in California there is Proposition 65 information available on the Amazon website in the product information table. Per this tab the cover does this product does contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.



Garden Home Outdoor Heavy Duty Grill Cover


The Garden Home Outdoor heavy duty grill cover is sold on Amazon by the storefront Bellahome. Garden Home Outdoor does not appear to have a website, making it very difficult to answer any questions not addressed on the Amazon page. This grill cover is available in three sizes, fifty eight inches, sixty eight and eighty five inches. The colors black, khaki and camo are not obtainable in all sizes. Try not to get your heart set on a particular color as it may not be made in the size you need for your grill. The price is reasonable, ranging from 19.99 for the smallest to 45.99 for the largest. They weigh between four and seven pounds.

The cover is described as heavy duty with padded handles. It does have air vents, which again will help reduce both condensation and wind lofting. It has durable interlocking seams which reduce the risk of ripping and fraying at the stitching. It boosts a large zip front pocket to store your grill accessories.

It is stated that it has a three year warranty from the company but it difficult to know how easy it is to actually return it to the company. Rest assured, because this purchased is fulfilled by Amazon it falls within the website return policy. You have thirty days for a full money back refund. You just have to complete the request according to the instructions on the site. Not being able to find the manufacturers left you not knowing a few critical answers. There is no cleaning instructions available. It is unknown if the fabric is treated with anything, so there is no way of knowing if soap or other cleaners will reduce it’s ability to keep the water out or even weaken the fibers, causing increased wear and tear.

Speaking of chemicals, there is no California Proposition 65 information to be found. You maybe asking yourself what this actually is and how it affects the merchandise you buy. Adapted in California, the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 or Proposition 65 as it’s commonly called, regulates that companies doing business can not expose consumers to specific chemicals in their products or discharge them into the drinking water clear and reasonable notification. These chemical, which are known to cause cancer and/or reproductive toxicity (birth defects) are on a list that is updated yearly. Companies are required to warn consumers by placing labels on products, posting signs in the work place, publishing notices in the paper or handing out literature to tenants of rental properties. Once a chemical makes this list, a company has twelve months to comply with the standard.

There were more than a few customer reviews that complained the cover either arrived already showing signs or dry rot and mildew or it seemed to develop this issues soon after purchase. Some stated the dry rot caused small cracks in the fabric which eventually lead to holes and tears in the material. Other concerns posted included color fading and inability to keep grill dry from a soaking rain. The material apparently beads the water but is not totally water proof in a drenching storm. This fabric also doesn’t seem to be able to take the direct sun without bleaching. Still in the end may people felt it was a good value for the price.


 AmazonBasics Grill Patio Cover


Amazon Basics Grill Cover is made to be sold exclusively for Amazon. Made to be attractive yet inexpensive. It is part of their cover collection that can matched with patio furniture covers for a clean and coordinated feel for your backyard entertainment center.

Available in four sizes the smallest is medium. This medium, sold for 23 dollars, fits fifty eight by twenty four by forty eight inch high grill. The cover weight is five point one pounds. The double X large costs 29.95 and will fit a grill measuring seventy by twenty four by fifty inches high. This one weighs in at six pounds. The tan woven polyester fabric has a waterproof undercoating to prevent water from seeping in. It has easy to use click close straps that secures the cover around the grill. The feature will help protect your grill on windy days and will help keep the snow and other elements from coming in contact with your shiny finish. It is accented with double interlocking seams for added durability. A brown splash guard skirting adds protection to the legs of the grill.

What is the difference between water resistant, water repellent and water proof? Each of these covers boosts a different amount of protection. The first rating is water resistant, which means it is able to the penetration of water to some degree. This is the lowest level of protection in the list. It is able to withstand an average hand washing or light rain. This would most likely not provide much protection from a strong beating or pounding rain storm.

Water repellent is not easily penetrated by water. Usually this is the result of a chemical surface coating. This could true of the outside surface, middle padding or the inside layer of the product. In one of the covers this chemical was applied to the inside padding so your outer cover may soak up the fluid it will have a harder time making it’s way through all the layers and will keep your grill dry. This is most defiantly a step up from water resistant.

Water proof is impervious of water. Many companies may avoid using this term as it imply that it will keep all water out. This could be a slippery slop as it would be difficult to guarantee this in all situations. In the end it may set the product and company up for failure as far as customer satisfaction goes.

Again because there is no other manufactures web site there is no extra information available. There is no specific cleaning instructions so it is unclear if mild soap will affect the fabric fibers over time. It does not have a Proposition 65 waring for California residents, so one can assume it does not contain contain any of the chemicals on the list. There is no warranty listed but because it is sold on Amazon you have their money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with you purchase. There were a one or two reviews that questioned the durability of this product, however no one stated that they returned it. Instead some said they keep it for a few seasons with out issue, they were just doubtful they would purchase another one.


 iCOVER 55 Inch Heavy Duty BBQ Grill Cover


The iCOVER grill cover is manufactured by Cover World is only available on Amazon. Once again there is no other web site to obtain additional information regarding this product. It does not have a wide variety of choices available. It is only made in one size and color. It is fifty five inches wide by twenty two and one half inches long by forty one inches high. It is very light at one point nine pounds and at only 12.99, it seems the cost is very reasonable.

This heavy duty dark gray vinyl with a water repellent finish provides a powerful defense against all types of weather including rain, snow, hail and wind. There is a draw string closure to help prevent the cover from blowing off. Easy to clean it only requires a quick spray of the hose and dirt falls right off.

Although simple to keep the cover clean, it does resemble a giant garbage bag. Also don’t get your hopes up that it is going to match your other lawn furniture covers unless you like garbage bag chic. This may not matter to you as it does appear to strong and economical. Also if your grill is tucked away from patio, maybe off to the side, out of view, this again may not be factor for you.

Being thick vinyl it is not shocking that there is no Proposition 65 information on this product. so again you can assume it is not sprayed with any of the chemicals on the list. It does have 100 percent money back guarantee with no questions asked. This is always nice to know when making any purchase.

There are only six customer reviews available to read. The majority were five stars, though and seemed quite impressed in both the quality and durability of the material. These customers were very pleased in what they received. One person complained that the adjustable grommets were broken when the cover arrived in the mail. They also commented that the string ripped straight through the material the cover was made of. This seemed an unfortunate and isolated incident when you consider everyone else got at least one season with this cover.