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I bet you didn’t know that Youtube has some trick features up its sleeves that help you enjoy the platform more. Here are some cool things you should know:

How to watch a video at high speed on Youtube

Not a secret, but so many people don’t know how to use it so here goes. This feature helps see a specific part of the video faster. Here’s how to increase the speed on any device.

To increase the speed on a computer, open the video you want to watch and pause it once it starts to play. Tap the gear button at the bottom right of the video and click “playback speed.” Select the speed you want and play the video.

The process is almost the same on Android and Apple devices. Open your Youtube app and pause the video; you’ll see a three-dot menu on the top right. Open it, click on playback speed and choose your desired speed.

Make the video status bar flash

Did you know you can make the video progress bar flash while watching a video? All you need to do is type the word “awesome” with your keyboard, and the bar will start flashing. Repeat the process to turn it off.

Picture in Picture Chrome extension

If you want to manage time while watching your favorite video on youtube, the picture-in-picture Chrome extension from Google allows you to do so. This lets you watch a video and go through another website simultaneously. Install the Chrome store extension and pin it on the browser toolbar. 

Once done, open the video you want to watch and click on the PiP icon. The screen will immediately go blank, and the video will appear as a small floating window. You can now go to a new tab and do whatever it is you want while watching the video at the corner. While the PiP mode doesn’t allow you to play or pause the video, you can adjust the screen size simply by moving your mouse to the edge and dragging it. PiP is also available in your Youtube mobile app. 

Opt-in for Youtube Beta versions on your phone

Want to be the first to try out upcoming youtube features before they’re released publicly? Opt into beta versions of the apps on your smartphone. To opt-in, go to the beta testing program’s page and sign in with your Google account if it doesn’t sign you in automatically. Select “become a beta tester” and follow the on-screen instructions to get started.