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Experts have been highlighting the underlying source of the COVID-19 epidemic for months, especially the erroneous use of PCR tests with an absurdly high cycle count (CT), which fraudulently classifies healthy persons or people with uncomplicated influenza as “COVID-19 patients. Instead of doing an influenza test, people go through the COVID PCR test. Although presented, the PCR test is not a genuine diagnostic test.

Below are some facts and figures about COVID-19 PCR testing.

The FDA has demanded that the number of false positives is increased.

The current conflict between the US Food and Drug Administration and Curative, a California testing firm that started in January 2020, is an exciting instance reported in a Buzzfeed piece published on Jan. 21 that raises those same problems.

Unlike other providers, Curative’s most common PCR test uses spit swabbed from the patient’s tongue, cheek, and mouth rather than the back of the nasal cavity.

Curative’s test, according to the FDA, is missing diseases and giving infected persons a clean bill of health. In actuality, the test is considerably more likely to properly select out persons who are not infectious at all and, as a result, should be given a clean bill of health. The FDA appears to be pushing for a procedure that would assure a more significant “caseload” to maintain the image of widespread illness. It is much like a mono blood test or one-minute clinic flu test with higher sensitivity and specificity.

When do you become genuinely contagious?

The PCR test detects up dead-virus debris, and by amplifying those particles with CTs in the 40s, non-infectious people are declared infected and advised to self-isolate

When it comes to determining who is infectious and who is not, the science is precise. You can’t infect someone else until you have a live virus, and symptoms usually don’t appear until your viral load is high enough.

When highly high CTs are utilized in PCR testing, even a minute viral load that is too low to produce symptoms might report as positive. You could not even be carrying a live virus because the test can’t distinguish between live and dead viral material.

For weeks after an illness has resolved, PCR detects a dead virus.

Because the PCR test cannot distinguish between active virus and dead, non-infectious viral debris, the test’s timing becomes crucial. One example may be found in a letter to the editor of The New England Journal of Medicine, in which the author outlines research conducted on COVID-19 patients in the hospital in Seoul, South Korea. It took 24 days to a negative PCR test from the beginning of symptoms.

Because the PCR test cannot distinguish between active virus and dead, non-infectious viral debris, the test’s timing becomes crucial. One example may be found in a letter to the editor of 

Returning to the Curative PCR test, the business claims that the test is accurate in detecting current infection.

The better the precision, the lower the CT.

While the FDA asserts that great sensitivity (i.e., a higher CT) is essential to ensure that we don’t end up with asymptomatic spreaders in our communities, this danger is extremely low, as shown above. We need to stop being so concerned about healthy individuals murdering each other. 

Based on an erroneous article, PCR testing was performed.

Finally, the entire concept of PCR testing to diagnose COVID-19 is seriously questioned, as the practice appears to be predicated on an incorrect study that was not peer-reviewed before going global. It’s good to have an influenza test first if you have seasonal flu symptoms.

Overall, it appears that PCR-based mass testing is ineffective and offers little, if anything, to keep the public safe. Its main effect is to perpetuate the myth that healthy, non-infectious people might represent a lethal threat to others and that we should avoid social connections. It’s a deluded notion that’s causing havoc on the world’s psyche, and it’s past time to put a stop to this destructive, unscientific way of life.