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Have you ever noticed that it’s more difficult to get through a task when your desk is a mess? There are a lot of things that can affect our work productivity and our work environment is certainly a major factor in the equation. Cleanliness is not only a question of health—it’s also one of the profitability of your business. Here’s the relation between the two notions and what you can do to boost your business’s productivity with a good clean up!


How does cleanliness increase productivity? Say goodbye to distractions


It’s easy for one’s mind to start wandering when there’s simply so much information in their field of vision. Mess and clutter make it virtually impossible to focus properly. Even if you think you can ignore it, your subconscious will keep track. Having relentless reminders of unfinished tasks will make it hard to devote your full attention to one thing at a time.

No clutter no dirt


Less clutter on surfaces will also mean a cleaner space. Why? Because cleaning will become much more hassle-free when you don’t have to move mountains of papers and random knick-knacks to just wipe your table. This not only makes cleaning easier and quicker but also you are more likely to actually do it. Heaps of clutter in the corner will eventually accumulate dirt, the negative effects of which on the productivity of your business will be discussed later.

Mess is stressful


Some people work best under pressure, but there is no doubt that chronic stress negatively affects all of us. As we already mentioned, a dirty and messy space affects your mind and not in a good way. Time and time again, the stressful effects of clutter have been proven, so don’t ignore them. Save yourself or your employees from unnecessary stress and they’ll be happier and more productive while working.

Saving time and energy


How many times have you wasted as much as 10 minutes simply looking for something you needed for a task? Not being able to find something amidst a mess is not only frustrating, but it’s also a formidable enemy to productivity. Besides the actual time lost searching, don’t forget that this also breaks your concentration and takes you away from your task. You’ll have to gain momentum again, which slows down your work considerably.

Boost the mood


Arriving at an office that’s messy and dirty is a sure way to start the day on a negative note. Employees’ mood affects their morale and how hard they will be inclined to work. Devoting ample attention to keeping the office neat and clean will send a positive message to employees. It says you care about their feelings and well-being, which will help you nurture better rapport. Happy employees are productive employees.

Prevent sickness


As we mentioned in the beginning, clutter and mess can easily lead to the accumulation of dirt. Not cleaning the space properly will mean bacteria and viruses potentially lurking in every corner. Your employees will be more likely to get sick and, consequently, take sick leaves often. This majorly affects your productivity and bottom line. Sick leaves cost your company more than you might think, so preventing them is the smartest course of action.

Maintenance is key


Finally, don’t forget that cleaning and maintaining your equipment will directly affect how well they serve you. Skipping maintenance appointments for your printers might result in them breaking faster, and the setbacks such a scenario result in are probably more than obvious to you. Removing dust from electrical appliances is also key. In addition, communally used equipment should be kept clean to prevent the spread of sickness, too.

How to keep your office clean?



Your very first step should be removing the unnecessary clutter from your offices. Is there a bunch of old or out-of-order equipment shoved in the corner, just taking up space? Resell what still works and call junk removalists for the rest. Removing clutter will free up space and open up passageways. Employees will be able to go where they need to without obstacles in their way, saving a lot of time.

Call in the cleaners


Unless you are your own boss, working in a nice, private home office, outside help will be necessary to manage the situation. Commercial spaces require professional office cleaning services to maintain an appropriate level of hygiene. This is especially important today when disinfecting frequently touched surfaces has never been more important. Professional cleaners have the equipment that can effectively tackle particularly problematic areas, like carpets, too.

Get rid of wires


Every office naturally involves a myriad of tech equipment, but there are few things as messy as hundreds of unsightly cables ruining your minimalistic design. Cables can also get tangled and make cleaning an ordeal. Don’t let it get to that point but tackle wire organization as soon as possible. Switch as many tools as possible to wireless alternatives. Implement wireless charging in your offices so no employees will need to carry messy chargers around. Use cable organizers to keep tangles at bay and hide cables with special boxes.

Go paperless


Another major culprit for mess and clutter in offices is paper. But paper is necessary, you might think. Not in 2022, though. More and more offices are going paperless and for good reasons. Managing everything digitally not only removes mess from the equation but also makes organizing and finding documents a breeze. Storing data on the cloud is also more secure. With less paper about the space, desks can remain clean and free of distractions. It’s even good for the environment.

Implement new policies


Implementing a few new simple rules will help keep the place tidy with the help of your employees. For instance, make it a rule that everyone tidies up their desk before leaving for the day. This will prevent the mess from getting out of hand and will ensure employees return to a pleasant environment the next morning.


Maintaining your office clean is both a question of health and productivity. Don’t let clutter get in the way of your growth but tackle the issue early on. Call in outside help if necessary, and be sure to implement this in the long term.