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Bigger guys, chubby guys, fat guys, call yourself what you will. It can be hard to concealed carry when you are a bigger guy. But, it doesn’t have to be that hard. You just need the best holsters for big guys, this post will be similar to the one we did here https://www.holsterhq.com/best-holsters-for-fat-guys/

big guy holster


It is as simple as that. But finding the top products can be hard. Continue reading this article to learn about concealed carry as a big guy and how to choose a holster of your very own. 


Why did these holsters make our list for big guys?

If you look below, you will notice that we have reviewed five different holsters. These are the top holsters we could find anywhere in 2020. As we looked for several different features. They are as follows. 


  1. The holster should fit multiple pistols. There are a wide variety of gun manufacturers and models out there. The holsters that made our top five list all fit a wide variety of these options. It does not do any good for the holster to the only fit on make and model of firearm. It will be much less useful for most people. 
  2. It should be adjustable. Not all big guys are big in the same places. The holsters will all be extra-large, but they will also allow you to adjust them. With these products, you can find your perfect fit. 
  3. They will be comfortable. The last thing you want when you’re concealed carrying is a holster that is too tight. Holsters made for skinny guys will not provide the comfort you are looking for. They may even dissuade you from carrying your weapon. All holsters reviewed here will be fitted comfortably. 
  4. The holster will provide left or right-handed options. Some may be ambidextrous. Your preferred draw should not matter. You should at least be able to choose from left or right-handed products. 


What to Look for in a Big guy holster

Once we determined our criteria for the top holsters, it was time to get testing. You can trust our assessment of the holsters below. We had an extensive testing procedure. Here is how we picked our top holsters. 


  1. We selected a wide variety of holsters to test. These included a variety of carrying styles, manufacturers, and models. We attempted to give ourselves a broad overview of the products currently available. 
  2. All of the holsters we tested come in extra-large sizes. They all also had the features mentioned in the previous section—versatility, adjustability, comfort, and left and right-handed options. 
  3. After selecting our test sample we got to testing. This included wearing each holster with a Glock 17. We used the same clothing for each test. That way clothing differences couldn’t affect our results. 
  4. We performed many normal activities while wearing the holster and Glock. These activities included walking at various speeds, jogging, sitting, crouching, and laying down. We wanted to ensure that the holster was comfortable in all positions.
  5. Finally, we did practice draws with the holster. For each, we noted the smoothness of the draw and the time it took to get a shot off. Those holsters that allowed us to shoot quicker were rated higher. 


We spend a lot of time working with several holsters. Our tester was a big guy himself. That is why you can trust our findings in the reviews below. You know that the holsters mentioned here are the best of the best. 



Have questions about finding or using a holster when you are a big guy? Don’t worry. This Q&A section has the answers you seek. 



  • I’m a big guy: What size of concealed carry holster do I need?


The size holster you need, no matter your size, really depends on the type of holster you prefer. OWB and IWB pancake holsters only need to fit on your belt. They are the most versatile holster for big guys. As long as you have a belt with a standard width, you can wear an OWB holster. 


You may not need to worry about size for a pocket holster as well. For IWB, OWB, and pocket holsters, just make sure that you wear loose enough clothing so that there is minimum printing. In all of these cases, you only have to pick the holster that best fits you make and model of gun. 


Bellyband and shoulder holsters will require a specific size. If you are a bigger guy, you will want to go for an XL or XXL size. Bellyband holster manufacturers will tell you the size waist each product will fit. Measure your waist at your navel, and that will help you determine the holster size you need. 


The process for shoulder holsters will be relatively the same. You will just need to know the measurements of your shoulders. Most brands have a helpful guide on their website to aid in sizing. 



  • What holster position is best for bigger guys?


Typically, holsters are carried at the appendix, ankle, behind the hip, at the shoulder or chest, or in a pocket. Big guys may not want to go with an ankle holster. It may be hard for you to reach in a hurry. 


Shoulder and chest carry is not as common. These positions may cause access problems through your clothing. Bigger guys may also struggle to find a shoulder holster that fits them comfortably. If the holster is too tight or fits incorrectly, it will print more. 


We recommend behind the hip or appendix carry for big guys. Not only are these the most comfortable carry positions, but they will reduce the effects of printing on a big guy. If you prefer behind the hip carry, go for a five o’clock (or seven o’clock for left-handers) position. This allows the gun to sit behind your love handles, which reduces the effects of printing on a large guy. 


Some people prefer to appendix carry. This is a more comfortable position for those who sit for long periods. If you want to appendix carry and are a large guy, we recommend the two 2 o’clock (eleven o’clock for left-handers) position. Two o’clock is directly in front of your love handles, which both increases comfort and decreases printing. 



  • Appendix carry for chubby guys


Traditional appendix carry may be hard for chubby guys. It will be hard to find a holster that secures the gun in the center of your abdomen. However, you can appendix carry in the two o’clock position discussed above. 


Your ability to appendix carry will be determined by a couple of factors. It is mainly decided by how big you are and the shape of your body. Some big guys cannot find an appendix carry holster that will work. Others have more success. 


Appendix carry typically works for high waisted guys. If you like to wear your pants over your belly button, that may make an appendix carry more comfortably. If you want to appendix carry, you will need to be a little patient and try every holster you can get your hands on. 



  • Are shoulder holsters good for big guys?


Shoulder holsters tend to be uncomfortable for everyone. Many experts do not recommend using them as a concealed carry holster. They can be very hard for anyone to set up properly without the help of a professional. That trouble is compounded with big guys. 


If you have large and broad shoulders it can be hard to find a shoulder holster design that will fit comfortably. As with all holsters, there need to be adjustments available as well. If the holster barely fits on the largest adjustment, it will probably not work for you. 


The takeaway here is that shoulder holsters can work for some. However, they are difficult to size correctly for any body. Big bodies only present more of a challenge. Unless you are an expert, perhaps stick to an appendix or hip holster for now. Also check out holsters for hiking here.



  • So what holster usually works best for big guys? 


As you can see from the answers to the questions in this section, there are a lot of concealed carry options for big guys. Your best bet is to go with an appendix or hip holster. But, you will be able to find great products in the other categories as well. 


You are probably wondering how to pick the right Big Guy Holster. There


Now that you know exactly what to look for, let’s get to the Best Holster for Big Guys Review in 2020. 


Product reviews

Ready to find the most perfect holster for you? Here are our five top picks. 



  • DTOM Conceal and Carry Holster


The Don’t Tread on Me Conceal and Carry Holster is a versatile holster for big guys. It can be used as an IWB and OWB holster. It also has an ambidextrous belt slide. So, it does not matter who you are, you can use this leather holster. 

The DTOM Conceal and Carry Holster will fit large and medium-sized guns. As long as your belt is 1.5-inches or less wide, the holster will conceal easily. A major pro of this product is its versatility. A con is that it does not fit smaller guns or revolvers. Make sure your gun will fit before you purchase. 



  • Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster


Unlike the DTOM Conceal and Carry, the Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster is specifically designed for IWB to carry. It fits a large number of guns. Because it is made of Kydex, you will need to choose your specific make and model when you purchase the holster. 


The Concealment Express IWB KYDEX Holster has an undercut trigger guard, which ensures your draw is not interrupted. There is also an over-cut open-face. This accommodated threaded barrels and suppressor height sights. There is a belt clip, and this holster is now claw compatible. The claw setup eliminates printing even on a big guy. 


This holster will not fit all handguns. Also, it may not be very comfortable to use in the appendix position. 



  • Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster


Another great leather holster is the Relentless Tactical The Defender Leather IWB Holster. This holster comes in three stains: midnight black, charred oak, and whiskey barrel brown. It is made of high-quality genuine leather. Relentless Tactical also backs this holster with their lifetime guarantee. 


The Defender is an IWB holster. It will fit both compact and full-size handguns in 9MM, .40, and .45. As a high-quality, IWB holster, this product is perfect for and very comfortable on large bodies. 


One drawback is that you will need to buy pants at least one size larger to accommodate this holster without printing. 



  • Alien Gear Cloak Mod OWB Paddle Holster  


No list of the best holsters would be complete without Alien Gear. This Clock Mod is an OWB Paddles Holster. The holster is Kydex and specifically made for your gun and draw preference. You choose between a right or left draw option. You also choose your specific make and model of handgun. 


The retention on the Cloak Mod is fully adjustable, as is the cant. The backing is neoprene, which is breathable and flexible. It will not rub against your skin or drag down one side of your pants. This is a great option for bigger guys. 


A con of the Alien Gear Cloak Mod is that the adjustments can be a bit tedious to do, especially if you like to adjust your holster often.  



  • BRAVOBELT Belly Band Holster B07M68BHN4 for Concealed Carry


The final holster on our top five list is a bellyband holster. The BRAVOBELT Belly Band Holster for Concealed Carry is perfect for all kinds of carrying and body types. It will even fit full-sized, mid-sized, compact, subcompact, and revolver handguns. 


The BRAVOBELT Belly Band Holster comes in an extra-large size that will fit waists up to 55-inches around. You can run, jog, and hike with this holster. It is breathable, lightweight, and comfortable to wear all day. 


One potential drawback is that many smaller revolvers don’t fit as well as we would like. They end up too deep in the belly band’s pouch. However, you should be able to adjust for this issue by tightening the band or repositioning it on your belly. 



Final Notes

Concealed carry doesn’t have to be a problem if you are a bigger guy. You just need to pay a little bit more attention to the holster you choose. Overall, hip or appendix carry will work the best. But, as the BRAVOBELT product proves, you should be able to find other types of holsters that will work. 


Don’t let being bigger stop you from protecting yourself by concealed carrying. Comfortable and secure concealed carrying on big bodies? Yes, it is possible. Try out one or all of the holsters reviewed here today and find out for yourself.