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My name is Clint and I am the owner of Holster HQ.


Holster HQ is a small family run company. We currently only carry a small line of Handmade IWB Kydex Holsters. We plan to expand our product options as soon as possible as we grow. We may not carry a lot of products, but we know what to look for, please see our extensive list of reviews on many different brands and styles of gun related accessories.

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Holster HQ

Address 5015 Westheimer rd Space #B2414

Houston,  TX  77056

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Holster HQ is your online resource for everything holster related. It is always wise to carry your handgun in a protective holster for security. While most people prefer an inside the waistband (IWB) holster, there are several other options available in virtually every handgun.

At Holsters HQ, we have narrowed down the best holsters in different types for specific handguns, and continue to add more. That enables us to provide our readers with an online resource with extensive information about a wide range of holsters to choose from. Now, we have read a lot of reviews so customer satisfaction has been our top priority right from the day we started this. No matter if you need a concealed carry or you are searching for a holster for your pistol, we have a wide range of holsters that vary in material, design and size according to the make and model of guns.

We can help you find the perfect holster according to your needs by providing you with detailed information about the best holsters available in the market for your specific handgun.

If you have any questions, would like to get in touch, or want to request a specific handgun, please contact us here.


Please contact us using the form below or email us directly at: info@holsterhq.com

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