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When you have a concealed carry license and plan to travel armed, it is vitally important to choose the right holster. Holster fanny packs are a popular design because they provide the necessary concealment, can be drawn quickly in an emergency, and come with extra storage for both gun-related and personal items. A holster fanny pack allows you to be prepared without alarming those around you, and to carry easily without rummaging through your concealing layers. The Comfort Tac Ultimate Fanny Pack is a great place to start.


How to Choose the Best Fanny Pack Holster

When looking for the right holster fanny pack for your concealed carry, how do you choose the best one? This is a question every handgun owner should ask themselves when choosing a holster. What qualities define the best holster for your needs? The best fanny pack holster will be comfortable, secure, and with an intelligent zipper and holster design for both safe carry and fast response, when necessary.


When it comes to the Comfort Tack Ultimate Fanny Pack Holster, we think we’ve found the answer. This is a great example of a classic product improved with intuitive use-case design.



Comfort Tac Fanny Pack Holster Specifications

  • Dimensions: About 8″ by 11″
  • Construction Material: Heavy Nylon
  • Pistol Size: 
    • Subcompact – 6″ Length Guns
    • Compact – 6.5″ Length Guns
  • Strap: Up to 56″
  • Price: $35



Comfort Tac Features

The Comfort Tac was made by examining all other available fanny pack holsters and aiming to ultimately improve the industry-standard features. Let’s dive into the features of the Comfort Tac ultimate fanny pack holster and how they achieved their goal of improving the design.


The Comfort Tac starts with a sturdy adjustable strap with a heavy duty pinch buckle. Inside the main compartment is a holster that sets your gun facing down, unlike other fanny pack holsters where the gun is holstered horizontally. Vertical holstering adheres to the core tenets of gun safety. The main compartment also has two side pockets for magazines. The compartment opens completely when unzipped with two smooth YKK rope-pulls, allowing for snag-free drawing.


When the fanny pack is closed you can also access an outer pouch, perfect for small personal items in addition to your firearm and magazines. The fanny pack holster is also an ambidextrous design, you can load your gun in either direction. The back of the pack features a foam pad to protect your hip from bouncing metal as you walk.



Comfort Tac Fanny Pack Holster Pros and Cons

So how does the Comfort Tac fanny pack holster compare to others of its type? The design was made to beat the rest, but every product has it’s pros and cons. Here are those for this Comfort Tac.



  • Safe Holstering Design
    • Comfort Tac holsters your pistol vertically for the safest possible carry and draw experience. 
    • Other fanny packs holster your gun horizontally, pointing at nearby knees during the critical holstering and unholstering moment when accidental discharge is most likely.
  • Multi-Pocket Design
    • Extra space in the main compartment for two magazines in slide-in pockets.
    • Outside pocket large enough for your phone, wallet, keys, etc.
  • Slouch-Free Design
    • A sturdy strap is sewn in and will stay in place, no slouching, when your gun is holstered.
  • Unisex Concealability
    • This fanny pack is black, rectangular, and hugs the body firmly. It’s a practical choice for men and women without raising alarm among your neighbors.


  • Taller Pack
    • To accommodate the vertical pistol safe-holster design, the pack is a little taller than other fanny packs.
  • Tight Fit for Larger 6.5″ Guns
    • If your gun or handle is on the long side, it may rub against the zipper while walking.
  • Belt Tight or Loose
    • The belt has a pull-tight feature which could be improved with a lock or buckle mechanism.



Customer Reviews

Like all smart purchases, this product has been out for a while. Customers have had plenty of time to try it out for themselves and provide some very detailed reviews. You can find reviews both on the Comfort Tac website and their Amazon listing at the same price. These reviews primarily glow with satisfaction, but a few products were found to have loose stitching along the outer pockets or strap connections. Of course, customer service is always on the ball.


Murphy Says:

“It’s hard to find such a great product that works no matter how you carry and draw. I am strictly a cross-draw person due to medical issues. Fell in love with it and have ordered another as backup. Thanks for a great product.”


Donna Says:

“As a woman I had a hard time conceal carrying. I had an over-the-shoulder holster purse but it was inconvenient and heavy on my neck and shoulder. I got the holster fanny pack and it has really worked better. I can have my weapon on my person without a lot trouble. It is comfortable and will hold everything you need to be out and about. I am not a small woman and the strap was plenty big with strap left over. I velcroed the extra so that it doesn’t hand around. Some of the men I showed it to said it might make them look funny but others said that they liked it. I would definitely recommend this product, especially for a woman to conceal carry.”


Sam Says:

“Love this holster. Fits all 3 pistols, 2 with different types of red dot sights. Roomy but not bulky. Great for concealed carry with any type of shirt or belt. No other holsters I’ve tried are this flexible.”


Mark Says:

“Just received mine today. Like so much getting one for my wife!”





The Comfort Tac ultimate fanny pack holster is, indeed, pretty ultimate. In addition to the sturdy and practical design, what we like most is the vertical draw which ensures safety both carrying and in the holster/unholster motion. In other words, safety at all times with a nice, subtle conceal design for both men and women. If you’re looking for a comfortable conceal carry fanny pack holster, Comfort Tac has really put thought and engineering into their holster design.