We tried out several different Ruger LC9 IWB holsters and came up with this list of the 9 best Ruger LC9 IWB holsters. We prefer inside the waistband (IWB) holsters because they hold your gun securely, are easily concealable and highly comfortable.

The Ruger LC9 is a great concealed carry weapon and it’s an amazing concealed carry gun.

Let’s begin with our favorite LC9 holster and the one we recommend.

Ruger LC9 IWB Holster Reviews

Holster4All Fobus Thigh Rig: Drop leg extension unit with a Hand Gun Paddle Holster

Drop leg extension unit with a handgun paddle holster. Model: XDSC-EXND. Fits to: Beretta Nano, Springfield XDS, Walther CCP, Ruger LC9, Sig Mosquito. Thigh Rig Drop leg extension unit including a Right Hand Paddle Holster, Brand-new, in its original packaging. Fobus Drop leg extension Holster XDSC-EXND Fits to: Beretta Nano, Springfield XDS, Walther CCP, Ruger LC9, Sig Mosquito Passive Retention: Fobus passive retention system allows an instinctive and quick draw of the gun and is proven to be the most effective way to draw a weapon. The holster mechanism acts like a spring on the trigger guard area and holds the gun firmly in place.

The holster is designed to keep a low profile, simulating the natural way to carry a weapon inside the waistband as if without any holster at all. The Paddle of the holster is made of ventilated rubber to prevent sweating. The Fobus IWB holster is equipped with double hooks for your belt. The upper hook holds the belt from the top side, while the lower hook holds the belt from inside the pants, keeping the holster firmly in place and allowing a counterforce when drawing. Fobus EXND Type Holsters: Technical information high rig: drop leg extension unit for all fobus paddle holsters and pouches pouch material: cardura, velcro, polymer IDF special straps. By using a passive retention system, a safety strap or mechanism is no longer needed; their design ensures safe carrying of the gun, accurate fitting and a quick draw when needed.

Tulster Ruger LC9/LC9s/LC9sPro Holster - Right Hand

Tulster Ruger LC9/LC9s/LC9sPro Holster IWB Profile Holster
From the ground up, the IWB Profile Holster is designed to be an ultra-concealable, minimalistic, appendix carry holster without the drawbacks. Distinct features such as the smooth edge finish and minimal material used facilitate in a comfortable fit providing maximum concealment. Each IWB Profile Holster is formed to the specific model for a snug fit with low drag. The adjustable retention screw along with the inherent positive retention ensures the firearm is secure when holstered. Removal of extra material between the muzzle and retention screw adds to a layer of comfort without digging into the body or thigh. The trigger guard was intentionally undercut to promote a higher grip on the firearm and allow for magazine release while the firearm is fully holstered. From the injection molded belt clip to the soft loop option, the cant settings are easily adjustable from 0-15 degrees.

Tucker Gun Leather Texas Heritage IWB for 1.25 inch belt

Tucker Gun Leather Texas Heritage IWB
All-leather IWB holster, ultra-concealable, tuckable, comfortable and very secure. This holster is for inside the waistband which has adjustable for ride height and cant angle, slim profile. This holster features a strong belt clip that secures the holster to the belt. The body is protected from gouging sharp edges and the handgun separated from perspiration and body salts. The holster will not collapse when the handgun is drawn.

This holster features a blocked out leather design that stabilizes the handgun. This one literally features a spine on both sides of the holster; otherwise, the forward rake design would not be stabilized for concealed carry. The advantage of the inside the waistband holster is that the body of the holster does not protrude past the beltline. A long jacket or a coat is not needed to properly conceal the handgun.

Texas Leathercraft Right Hand IWB Holster for Ruger LC9

Tucker & Byrd L4 Leather Tuckable IWB Holster
The L-4 IWB is a very comfortable, highly concealable inside the waistband holster. It is a tuckable holster that features adjustable cant and rides height and runs the best right over your hip pocket. Made from hand boned Hermann oak leather, this rough side out holster breathes easily and holds your sidearm comfortably with a high degree of stability. A reinforced tunnel that remains open on a draw, allowing easy one-handed re-holster.

Texas Leathercraft Left Hand Tucker & Byrd L2 Leather Holster - Ruger LC9

Tucker & Byrd L2 Leather Tuckable IWB Holster
The L-2 IWB is a very comfortable, highly concealable inside-the-waistband holster. It is a tuckable holster that features adjustable cant and rides height and runs the best right over your hip pocket. Made from hand boned Hermann Oak leather, this rough-side-out holster breathes easily and holds your sidearm comfortably with a high degree of stability.

It is a simple, long lasting and sturdy. It is also lightweight so it will not make it hard to walk, run, jog, or jump! The handgun will fit comfortably and will not fall out when bending over. It should provide you years of service and will be able to tolerate all types of weather along with tough handling.

This is the holster we recommend if you are looking for a long term holster and if you have a little more money to spend. Otherwise, the holster above made by Texas Leathercraft is the best in terms of quality and price. It also has an available option for the crimson trace if your concealed weapon has that equipped.

Comp-Tac IU Max Holster

The Infidel Ultra Max holster is an Inside the waistband kydex and leather hybrid holster designed for concealed carry. The Infidel Ultra Max is designed with cant adjustment holes to allow the user to change from a reverse cant, straight drop speed cant and FBI forward cant. The Infidel Ultra Max's top grain cowhide leather backing is the most comfortable material to wear against your skin. It provides a soft flexible material that does not rub or pinch. The Kydex body on the Infidel Ultra Max provides a rigid material that is custom fit to each firearm and maintains its shape even with the pistol un-holstered. The smooth, low friction surface allows for a fast draw and easy one-handed re-holstering of the firearm.

The all-kydex body will not bend or stretch over time and is impervious to sweat and solvents. The Infidel Ultra Max's kydex body is also interchangeable, allowing you to have one holster for all of your firearms. You can purchase spare bodies on the holster parts and hardware page. The Infidel Ultra Max can mount to your belt with two different mounting options; the comp-tac infidel clip or the infidel belt loops. The infidel belt clip is a nylon clip that slides quickly and easily over the belt. Infidel Belt Loops are top-grain cowhide leather that provides additional security by wrapping around your belt and snapping closed.

It is not recommended to wear the infidel CTAC clip or shirt tucker strut with the Infidel Ultra Max as the different cants may cause stress on the additional struts. NOTE: The "Slide" version allows the user to use one holster for similar guns of different lengths (such as Glock 9mm, .40, and .357). The Slide is typically slightly longer than the shortest gun of the series and left open so that longer guns may 'slide' through the end of the holster.

CrossBreed Holsters RH MiniTuck Concealed Carry Holster for Ruger LCP

CrossBreed Holsters was very pleased to bring to market the MiniTuck holster, which incorporates all the advantages of its bigger brother the SuperTuck in a smaller package. Designed for and ideally suited to the Ruger LCP, the MiniTuck is stable, comfortable and extremely concealable. Ideal for deep concealment or for those with smaller frames, the MiniTuck allows fast access to a very well hidden firearm. The MiniTuck is exceptionally well suited to ladies as the concave curve on the bottom edge of the holster rides over the curve a ladies' hip without forcing the grip into her ribs. This holster is not recommended for full-size guns or compact versions of full-frame guns. CrossBreed Holsters are proudly made in the U.S.A.

Blade-Tech Eclipse Ambi Holster IWB/OWB Ambidextrous

Blade Tech Eclipse Ambi Holster
The Eclipse Straight Drop Ambi holster is a pancake style holster that is OWB/IWB and Ambi. The versatility is achieved by moving the contour from the holster to the attachments. The Eclipse IWB conversion kit is included which features the popular Klipt Ambi attachment. It's easy on, easy off allows the shooter to put their holster without removing their belt. Dramatically reduces firearm "printing"; Constructed of high-quality materials. With a smooth & quick draw while concealed; contoured profile to fit snug to the body.

Blade-Tech Nano IWB Gun Holster (Black)

To make the holster more contoured to the body and streamlined a thinner .080 material was used instead of the original .093. The distance between the belt loops helps for more stability. There is one tension screw which results in less material. On the body, the contact side, all areas possible have been contoured which provides comfort and eliminates hotspots. The holster is non-collapsible and aids in a faster re-holster.

If you have a Ruger LC9 and are in need of an IWB holster, we recommend the first holster on this list. It’s the Holster4All Fobus Thigh Rig: Drop leg extension unit with a Hand Gun Paddle Holster. Model: XDSC-EXND.

That’s the end of our list. Did we miss any concealed carry IWB holsters for the Ruger LC9? If so, please leave a comment below and we’ll take a look!

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