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Montana Concealed Weapons Permit (CWP) Reciprocity Map

Everything about Montana, Permits, and Conceal Carrying a Weapon Below.

Montana CWP Reciprocity State Info

Montana Reciprocity, MT Honors these CWP :



The Attorney General’s Office has determined that concealed weapons permits from the following states are recognized under Montana law:

New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota
West Virginia

Montana Concealed Weapons Permits are honored in These States

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

No Permit Needed States

The following states have permit less carry which allows anyone that can legally possess a firearm carry conceal:  Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, Vermont and West Virginia.  Some restrictions may apply.  Check each state for its own restrictions.

No Permit Carry Needed, With Restrictions

Idaho, North Dakota, and Wyoming Residents are allowed to Concealed Carry without a permit.

Montana Conceal Weapons Permits not Honored in these states:

California, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland,  Minnesota,  New Hampshire,  New Jersey , New Mexico, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, West Virginia, Washington, Washington DC,

Montana Conceal Carry Permit Information

Montana CWP Application Fee

New permits are $60

Renewal permits are $35

Residents & Non Residents

Montana only issues CWP permits to residents of Montana with at least 6 months of residency. Montana does honor CWP permits from other states.


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Valid for How Long

Montana’s Concealed Weapon permit is valid for 4 years

Shall Issue State

The state of Montana is a shall issue state to residents only


The State of Montana is an Open Carry State?

Can I open carry in the state of Montana? YES

You must be at least 14 years old to open carry in Montana

MCA 45-8-3.4.4  https://www.atf.gov/docs/undefined/firearmsstatutesandcodes-montanapdf/download

How long does it take to get a concealed weapons permit in Montana?

In Montana the Concealed Weapon permit application must be processed within 60 days 

Montana Concealed Permit Requirements

Montana Residents

To obtain a Montana concealed weapons permit, a person must:

1. United States citizen
2. 18 years of age or older
3. Hold a valid Montana driver’s license or other form of identification issued by the state that has a picture of the person identified. An applicant must have been a resident of the state for at least 6 months.
4. An applicant for a permit under this section must, as a condition to issuance of the permit, be required by the sheriff to demonstrate familiarity with a firearm by:
a. Completion of a hunter education or safety course approved or conducted by the department of fish, wildlife, and parks or a similar agency of another state;
b. Completion of a firearms safety or training course approved or conducted by the department of fish, wildlife, and parks, a similar agency of another state, a national firearms association, a law enforcement agency, an institution of higher education, or an organization that uses instructors certified by a national firearms association;
c. Completion of a law enforcement firearms safety or training course offered to or required of public or private law enforcement personnel and conducted or approved by a law enforcement agency;
d. Possession of a license from another state to carry a firearm, concealed or otherwise, that is granted by that state upon completion of a course described in subsections (3)(a) through (3)(c); or
e. Evidence that the applicant, during military service, was found to be qualified to operate firearms, including handguns.

Can I carry a gun in my car in Montana

YES – Without a Permit/License
With no permit you can carry concealed outside of cities and towns. This applies in or out of a vehicle. In a city or town then a loaded firearm must be in the glove box or console. The Issue is whether or not the firearm is concealed (see open carry section). If you have a permit then you can carry concealed in a vehicle.

You can not apply for a Concealed Weapon permit if you:

  • have a revoked Concealed Weapon permit or license
  •  are subject to a court order concerning the possession of firearms
  • are free on bond or personal recognizance while awaiting trial, appeal, or sentencing for a felony offense
  • have an outstanding warrant for your arrest for a felony or misdemeanor then you can not apply for a CWP
  • have had mental health conditions that would prohibit you from having a license
  • Are under the age of 18
  • Do not have an approved firearm safety course
  • Are not a citizen of the USA

Where to Apply for a Montana Concealed Weapon Permit

You apply at the sheriff’s office in the county you live in to apply.

Montana is a state resident issue only


Montana Concealed Weapon Carry Laws

  • Notify officer of Carry

    It is not required to voluntarily notify an officer of carrying a firearm. Montana is not a duty to inform state, however you must provide your license if asked. 

  • In Montana Can you Conceal Carry in bar? No Can you conceal carry in a liquor store?

  • Not allowed to carry in these areas

    In Montana these places are off limits to carry:  

    • Public schools
    • Correctional facility
    • Law enforcement facility
    • State courthouses
    • Mental health facility
    • Outdoor music festival
    • Secured areas in airports. 
  • Constitutional carry


  • Carry in Restaurant

      YES/NO – In Restaurants That Serve Alcohol
    You cannot carry a concealed firearm in a restaurant but it is legal to carry openly in restaurants that serve alcohol.
    “Yes” or “No” states if you can carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol. Some restaurants may be posted with “NO GUN” signs. Check with the staff if this means just the bar area. 
  • Carry in State Parks

    Places allowed to carry in Montana
    • State parks
    • State and National forests
    • Road side rest areas
    • Vehicle
    • All areas of the state, except those listed as Off-limits. 
  • Premises that have Rules that state no firearms allowed:


    • Any room where alcoholic beverages are sold, dispensed and consumed.
    • Any building that is leased by a local school district and used for instruction or student activities.
    • Portions of a building used for state or local government offices and related areas in the building that have been restricted.
    • A bank, credit union, savings and loan institution, or similar institution during the institution’s normal business hours. It is not an offense under this section to carry a concealed weapon while;
      • using an institution’s drive-up window, automatic teller machine, or unstaffed night depository; or
      • at or near a branch office of an institution in a mall, grocery store, or other place unless the person is inside the enclosure used for the institution’s financial services or is using the institution’s financial services.
    • On trains.
    • Any place where the carrying of firearms is prohibited by Federal Law. 

Montana Concealed Weapon permit Application


Can only be supplied by the Sheriffs office of the county you reside in.

Montana is a resident issue only state but they do honor permits from other states listed above.


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