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Alaska Concealed Carry License Reciprocity Map

All about Alaska, Permits, and Conceal Carrying a Weapon .

Alaska CCW Reciprocity State Info

Alaska Reciprocity, Alaska Honors these permits:


Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming

Districts & Territories
District of Columbia, New York City, Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands
  • Alaska has stated they will only honor the Enhanced Permit from Idaho.
  • Oklahoma allows residents of Alaska to conceal carry without a permit. You are required to have Alaska state ID on you at all times

Alaska Concealed Weapons Permits are honored in These States:

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington and Wisconsin.

Michigan only recognizes Washington resident permits, not non-resident.

No Permit Needed States

The following states have permitless carry which allows anyone that can legally possess a firearm carry conceal:  Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, Vermont and West Virginia.  Some restrictions may apply.  Check each state for restrictions.

No Permit Carry Needed, With Restrictions

Idaho, North Dakota, and Wyoming Residents are allowed to Concealed Carry without a permit.

Alaska Concealed Carry Permits not Honored in these states:

California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Washington, Washington D.C.

Alaska Concealed Carry Permit Information

Alaska CCW Application Fee

Initial $87   Renew $25   Late fee $50

Accepted forms of payment
 Cashier’s check, personal check or money orders – made out to the State of Alaska

If the application is not approved fees are not returned.

Residents & Non Residents

Concealed carry only issued to residents.

It is legal for nonresidents to conceal carry or open carry if you are 21  years if age or more.

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Concealed Carry permit valid for How Long

Alaska concealed carry permit is valid for 5 years

Shall Issue State

Alaska was the first state to adopt carry laws modeled after those of Vermont, where no license is required to carry a handgun either openly or concealed. However, permits are still issued to residents, allowing reciprocity with other states and exemption from the Federal Gun Free School Zone Act.

Is Alaska an Open Carry State?


There are no Alaska open carry laws, the law simply does not mention open carry which means it’s legal for any person to open carry a firearm if they are legally allowed to own the firearm. The minimum age to open carry is 16. This conflicts with federal law which prevents anyone under 18 from possessing a firearm.

If the owner of a property asks you to leave you are required by law to leave.

You must also inform law enforcement you are carrying if you have a handgun on you and are stopped while in a vehicle.

How long does it take to get a concealed weapons permit in Alaska


The application for a concealed carry permit/license must be processed within 30 days of the application being received.

Alaska Concealed Permit Requirements

  • Must be at least 21 years old
  • Resident of Alaska and have lived in the state for more than 90 days.
  • Eligible under federal and state regulations to possess a firearm.
  • Not been convicted of two or more Class A misdemeanors of Alaska or similar laws in any other jurisdiction within the six years immediately preceding the application.
  • Not be currently under order nor in the three years immediately preceding the application have been under order to complete an alcohol or substance abuse treatment program.
  • Successfully complete an approved handgun competency course within the 12 months prior to the application.
  • Does not suffer a physical infirmity that prevents the safe handling of a handgun.
  • Federal Law requirements

Can I carry a gun in my car in Alaska


Anyone who is a minimum of 21 years of age and is allowed to legally own a firearm can carry the weapon concealed or openly in a vehicle. You must inform the officer you are carrying a firearm if stopped by them. An officer can secure your firearm until after the stop.

Minimum Age to Transport a Handgun
To be in possession and transport a handgun without a permit a person must be a minimum of 16 years old. The handgun must be unloaded and secured in a vehicle. This conflicts with Federal law which states the minimum age to possess a firearm is 18.

The Law

  • AS 11.61.220
  • AS 18.65.800 – Possession of firearms in motor vehicles
  • 18 USC 922(x)  – Federal law on transferring and possession of firearm by juvenile.

Where to Apply for Alaska Conceal Carry Permit and steps to take

You will need to complete a firearms training course and then file an application within 12 months of completing the course. You must deliver the application in person to a state trooper office.

Follow these steps to obtain a concealed carry permit;

  1. Complete a firearm’s course within 12 months of application.
  2. Download the application form.
  3. You will need the following documents;
    • Two complete sets of fingerprints
    • One frontal view color photograph of the person taken within the preceding 30 days that includes the head and shoulders of the person.
    • Valid Alaska driver’s license or identification card.
  4. Complete the application in writing and apply in person at an office of the Alaska State Troopers.
  5. You will be notified within 30 days by mail if your application has been approved or denied.
  • Non-Resident permits are not issued in Alaska.
  • You can have a permit marked NICS Exempt so that no background check is required when purchasing a firearm. To do this you must file form 12-299-89 NICS EXEMPT SUPPLEMENT.

Alaska Conceal Carry Laws

  • Notify officer of Carry


    According to Alaska gun laws you must inform a law enforcement officer you have a firearm on your person when stopped or questioned. There is nothing in the law to say you must carry a permit.  The Law AS 11.61.220 – Alaska

  • Can you Conceal Carry in bar? Conceal Carry In Liquor establishments?

    In Restaurants That Serve AlcoholYou may not carry a loaded gun in places that serve alcohol by law. The law does make exception for restaurants that serve only beer or wine, if alcohol is not consumed by person concealed carrying.Some restaurants may be posted with “NO GUN” signs. Check with the staff if this means just the bar area. If that is the case then it should be legal to have a meal without drinking alcohol.The Law
    AS 11.61.220
  • Not allowed to carry in these areas

    • School bus
    • Public or private school for grades K-12, including the school grounds and parking lot
    • Any place where intoxicating liquor is sold for consumption on the premises, except a restaurant where the person carrying the firearm did not consume intoxicating liquor.
    • Any licensed child care facility if the facility is other than a private residence.
    • Courtroom or office of the Alaska Court System, or within a courthouse that is occupied only by the Alaska Court System and other Justice-related agencies.
    • Within a domestic violence or sexual assault shelter that receives funding from the state.
    • Within another person’s residence.
    • Any place where the carrying of firearms is prohibited by Federal Law.
    AS 11.61.220 – Banned Places
    7 AAC 10.1080 – Firearms and Ammunition

  • Constitutional carry


  • Carry in Restaurant

  • Carry in State Parks

    • State parks
    • State and national forests
    • Road side rest areas
    • Vehicle
    • All areas of the state not listed as Off-Limits
  • Premises that have signs that state no firearms allowed:

    Alaska gun laws give “No Weapons” signs the force of law. There are legal penalties for entering a private property or business that has posted these The Law
    13 AAC 30.110.
    Notification of Places Where Concealed Handguns May not be Carried (b) Nothing in this chapter or in AS 18.65.700 – 18.65.790 prevents a person from posting, to the extent allowed by law, a notice regarding the carrying of a concealed handgun.


Alaska Conceal Carry Application Forms

Alaska Department of Public Safety

Permits & Licensing Unit


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Address5700 East Tudor Rd.

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